Halloween Fun

Everyone does different things to prepare for their favorite holiday. Mine happens to be Halloween and I like to buy all sorts of Halloween accessories, decorate my house, make costumes, carve jack-o-lanterns and paint my nails.

Some of these things are more complicated such as parts of costumes I’m wanting to make or food to prepare. One of my favorite things to do though is make a jack-o-lantern. I made the above one a few years ago but I’m still very proud of it. Who doesn’t love Jack Skellington? I knew it was a hit too when the neighborhood kids stole everyone’s pumpkins to go smash them, but they left mine. Hey I’ll take the compliments where I can get them. If you would like to make a pumpkin like that I simply googled the face design, cut it out and realizing it looked a little odd used white acrylic paint to make a proper Jack head.

Another thing I love to do is paint my nails. I change them up every few days and this allows me to try out all sorts of styles, colors and designs.

This morning I was about to do a simple but preferred design of blank and white stripes (that always reminds me of Jack Skellington’s outfit and pretty much every Tim Burton film ever and realized that I should document and post it here for you guys. We’re all about the nerdy things people love and I’m sure I’m not alone in loving nail polish and Halloween fun. So here is a little guide to my Halloween fun today!

First of all, you don’t need much to do a fun design. You probably already have everything you need if you like to paint your nails already. You will need:

  • Polish in your choice of colors along with a clear top coat
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • A couple toothpicks
  • Sticker designs if wanted
  • Q-tips
  • Tissues or cotton balls (I prefer tissue because less fuzz)



You can get all of this, like I did, at the dollar store. Not every hobby has to be expensive, am I right? I also like using the design tips because I don’t have the steadiest hand and it helps out a lot. I used the french sticks today, but made sure to angle them differently to put my own fun twist on the original design.

First though you need to paint your fingers the base color. Mine was white. I put on two coats and allowed them time to dry completely.


Don’t worry about the bit of a mess around your cuticles, we’ll take care of that at the end. Next put your design sticks on how you want. I wanted multiple stripes so I used two of them. Stick them on firmly and make sure they stick in the crease near your cuticle so the next color doesn’t bleed through.


Feel free to get the angle of the french tips perfectly straight or perfectly crooked. They’re your nails, your design and your Halloween fun after all! Next you add one coat of your other color on top of the base and the design sticks.


It’s not so pretty I know, but once it dries completely (which again is very important) you simply peel off the sticks to reveal your new design! Here’s mine after I did each nail one at a time.


Now you’ve got your design! Next is clean up and touch ups. Sometimes the sticks will do their job too well and pull at some of the nail polish creating chips and tears. You’ll have to fix these using the toothpicks. Carefully dip them in the polish and smooth over your trouble areas. Make sure to put them on a tissue afterwards.

Next is cleaning up those raggedy edges. Take a Q-Tip and dip it into the nail polish remover. Carefully go around the edges of each nail, rubbing gently if you hit a particular stubborn spot. Don’t worry about using a bunch of Q-Tips either.

When that’s finished  there is one last step-the clear top coat. This is essential if you want to keep your design for more than a few hours. I put two coats on top to make sure and then be patient and let that dry completely as well. You don’t want all that work to be smudged away because you were too impatient. Hopefully the finished product then looks something like this:


Now I have lovely irregular black and white striped nails! I did all of mine the same but be creative and only do one nail striped and then paint two fingers black and the other two white. Or maybe paint swirls using the toothpicks. You can put a glittery top coat on for added fun too. The possibilities are endless and it’s why I have to change mine up so often. If you want to show off your designs or jack-o-lanterns, I’d love to see them. Tell me in the comments below or find me on twitter @quietlikeastorm.


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