VOTE NOW- Favorite Character on #Wentworth via @stacyamiller85

In the three seasons of ¬†Wentworth , we’ve met some memorable characters, each adding something special to the prison drama.

Let your voice be heard, vote for your favorite Wentworth character!

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2 thoughts on “VOTE NOW- Favorite Character on #Wentworth via @stacyamiller85

  1. I have a hard time choosing between Franky and Bea. I’ve loved Franky ever since I first set eyes on her in S1E1, but for Bea, it’s more gradual. Seeing Bea’s shift from being a vulnerable and quiet woman to this powerful, ruthless and much-loved top dog is an experience so satisfying that I believe no other characters will be able to replace her as my personal hero, someone I strive to become.

    But I think if there’s one character who deserves to be everyone’s favorite, it’s Boomer. Remember that scene towards the ending of S5 where she caught Franky escaping and warned that she’d bust her to the screws? We all knew how much that workshop meant to her, and how, in a cold, bleak place like Wentworth, she has found something she values and loves and how important that is. She knew that everything she’d work for would go down the drain if Franky escaped from there.

    But instead of lagging on her, she distracted Mr. Williams and gave Franky a chance to escape through the gates. That scene is by far my favorite in S5 and it’s just so bittersweet! We could see how grateful Franky was about that too, when she lingered for a moment, watching Booms, before setting off.

    And it makes me think that sometimes, we don’t need much in life. We just need a very, very good friend who’d stick with us through the thicks-and-thins. We just need a Boomer in our life. And for that, she is my favorite.


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