Interview with @WiSHConOfficial Guest @desywhitaker via @stacyamiller85

Destiny Whitaker is a young lady with an amazing gift and a terrific head on her shoulders. She is focused and has cleared ideas on what she wants for the future.

How did you begin your musical journey?

“I began singing at the age of 5. At first I often only sang with my younger sister Rayven who was 3 at the time. My father and mother are the ones who encouraged us to start and continue. We sung mostly for fun for a while and sometimes recorded audio and (or) videos to celebrate others accomplishments, thank them for their love and support (etc.). It was Rayven who at the age of about 4 asked my Dad if we could publish a few videos on YouTube publicly (at the time they were private) and the rest is history! I began (seriously) playing Keyboard at the age of 9. Before then I played the toy electronic keyboards and really started taking interest in learning chords, notes and music in general. My Dad realized that as well and that resulted in me wanting a Keyboard with more keys, sound effects, add-ons, controls and settings.” 

 Can you tell us about the training you’ve had to develop your talents? 

 I currently do not have a lot of training musically. I had a few after school keyboard lessons in the 5th grade but with everything else is self-taught or learned from the Internet, apps and my Dad. Same for my Vocals. I read chords and go by ear quite often sometimes YouTube tutorials/lessons. With singing I believe it is mostly imitation that with age, experience, advice and feedback shaped my voice to sound the way it does me not being scared to take risk during the journey of finding my voice (and range) has also helped and will continue to! I have no formal vocal training (yet).”

What musicians inspire you?

“There are so many!

Sia, Marina and The Diamonds, Freddie Mecury (Queen), Nicki Aycox, P!nk, Amy Winehouse, Janelle Monaé, Eartha Kitt, Mika and Lady Gaga inspire me as a vocalist, writer, artist and person.

They all are just so raw with their words and that as a whole is a beautiful thing. 

Allen Stone, Skylar Grey, Sammy Brue, Christine Scolari,

Nate Ruess (Fun), Brandi Carlile, Noisettes, Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine), Lissie, Gin Wigmore, ZZ Ward, Postmodern Jukebox (the Band and all of the guest vocalist), Brendon Urie (Lead Vocalist of Panic! At The Disco), every member of Fall Out Boy, Paloma Faith, Lana Del Rey and Melanie Martinez.

Mira Blues and Cas Haruna are brilliant artist and sensational as a team AND independently. 

My list includes so many more wonderful artist but those are the those are some off the top off my head. They all have something to do with my style (in a music and fashion sense).”

*They all have sensational music and personalities! 

How do you balance your musical pursuits with the other areas in your life?

“When I entered Middle School (6th grade) my father began Homeschooling my younger sister Rayven and I so that has made it easier as we both are severe asthmatics and I also have sever allergies so it has helped a lot in the health department! Less sick days as whole and that is amazing! Being Homeschooled gives me more freedom to follow my dreams and more room with my time and scheduling. Definitely a lot less stressful and healthier for mental health in my opinion and experience. Once I finish my school work for the day (with breaks in between – Another pro.) I can give my conversations and projects the attention needed and also keep in touch my family and friends. I can also attend classes, events or go out in general without worrying about what I have and have not done yet. I’m glad we made the switch! The pros outweigh the very few cons and it is absolutely terrific!” 

Did you want to continue with a music career or is there something else you’d like to pursue?

“I definitely do! I would love to be involved in the music industry in any way; Producing, Singing, Pianist/Keyboardist, Songwriter, Mentor and much more. I love everything about music! 

I also am passionate about ASL, nutrition, Yoga, photography, graphic arts and the visual art (editing and creating something in any form) and activism especially Mental Health Awarness, Animal Rights, Nutrition, Fitness, Education, Veganism, Feminism and the importance of arts and music. At the end I would love to incorporate them all into my life!” 

Congrats on being a guest at WiSHCon. How does it feel being a part of this special event?

“Thank you!

It is surreal. I actually was considering going to the event before being contacted about being a guest so I was more than excited about the opportunity. I love Crystal’s drive and how passionate she is about WiSHCon. The whole team is wonderful. It is an honor to work with everyone!

I can not wait to meet everyone and perform aswell. The guest list is electricx This Convention will be legendary! I believe it is exactly what the entertainment and music industry needs to accelerate the progress of equality for Women who have a career in the industry or want to  work/be hired/be considered in the future.  I also think a lot of young ladies, women and people in general have already been inspired by WiSHCon (their motive and everyone involved) and will love the outcome.” 

Describe the musical sound of Destiny Whitaker.

“That’s a tough one!

I would say because I listen to a bit of everything my sound is a fusion of every genre. 

I would describe the majority of my music as being; Indie, Pop, Jazz, Folk, and Alternative. Anything that is a bit old school too (Jazz or Hip-Hop/Rap etc.) because I love blending genres but like to stick to covering songs that I relate to or understand lyrically but if I don’t I try to learn about it so I can connect or at least have the knowledge of the story behind it and sometimes sing a few that are just for the fun of playing the role! Same goes for my originals and although not technically musical I love blending the visual aspects with music (ASL, Colors, Fantasy etc.) anything that can capture my full creative vision and express the meaning, thought process and ideas that went behind of that creation and recording of that specific song, moment and theme.” 

 Is there anything else you’d like readers to know about Destiny Whitaker and her music? 

“I love Broadway and theater. Really anything “over the top”. I love neon colors, wigs, make-up, costumes (while the lyrics/topic/theme remain the same) and enjoy the process of creating something totally different but there are also times where I can be subdue and just kind of calm with everything (Style and personality) so I try to make my music like my personality so there is always a little bit of every genre, emotion and a variety of lyrics and themes. I also enjoy editing producing, mixing and creating graphic art/design, music, audio and videos. I try to do as much as I can independently (mixing wise) and when I work with others we both stick to our original visions and mash them together. I’m working on my writing and hoping to finish at least one original song and one book!

I want my music to mean something to others. I want to be able to give others what my favorite artist have given me.

If it has my name on it I want to it be as ME as possible. I’m passionate about everything I do and whether it be audio or visual arts I invest as much time as I can into it and I love every single minute! It is my outlet and the outcome is something I will always be proud of. Making other happy is what makes me happy! I want everything to be universal and relatable. Everyone’s feedback, help, contributions and support means the world to me.” 

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I also have created a new Website/Blog that will be full of World News, Nutrition, Fitness, Fandoms galore and more! It is titled Our World And Fandoms Galore. Launching soon! 

Information and updates here; 😉 

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