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I had the privilege today of interviewing for The Nerdy Girl Express Crazy Ex Girlfriend’s Donna Lynne Champlin who plays the delightful Paula.  Inspired by our chat, I wanted to share with readers my “Paula Perceptions.”

Paula Proctor is a woman trying to make it in the cut-throat legal profession as a paralegal.  As a former paralegal, I can relate. Fortunately, she works for Whitefeather and Associates, a law firm that seems to cater to its employees as much as it’s clients.  Darryl Whitefeather appears to be a fair employer that sees his employees as more than capable of doing their jobs.

Paula’s life changed when legal eagle Rebecca Bunch moves from New York to West Covina.  Almost immediately, Paula and Rebecca develop a close relationship, with Rebecca sharing details of her life and her feelings for Josh Chan.  Paula becomes Rebecca’s friend, adviser and mentor.  She is Rebecca’s biggest cheerleader and supporter.

On occasion, Paula has acted as the voice of reason to Rebecca.  As anyone knows, our decisions often are easier when we are able to discuss them with a friend.  Additionally, Paula’s interest in helping Rebecca find happiness with Josh has at times gotten in the way with her own family time with her husband and children. Though, Paula’s interest in Rebecca’s love life helped to reignite the flame of Paula’s marriage as her husband assisted in “Operation Pretend Break-in” at Rebecca’s apartment by throwing a rock through Bunch’s screen door.  Who would have thought vandalism would bring a couple closer together!

What I like best about Paula is her sass.  She tells it like it is and doesn’t appear to have time for nonsense (except much of Rebecca’s but what are friends for?)  I think Paula sees a little of herself in Rebecca.  Someone who cares with a full heart but wonder at times whether she’s cared for in return.  Paula’s scenes with her husband and the discussions they’ve had illustrate this.

Donna Lynne Champlin plays Paula with sincerity.  She is the friend and co-worker we all wish we had (I could have definitely used a Paula at my former law office!).  Additionally Donna Lynne has amazing chemistry with Rachel Bloom’s Rebecca where viewers are easily convinced of their bond.

I look forward to Paula’s character developing more in Season 2 and more of Donna Lynne Champlin’s performances.

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