The Laughter Is Gone #RIPGarryShandling You’ll Be Missed @GarryShandling via @stacyamiller85

I was sadden to learn of the passing of comedian Garry Shandling at the age of 66.

As a fan of stand up comedians and someone who enjoyed the late 70s/80s Saturday Night Live era, I looked for comedies and comedian who didn’t try too hard for laughs, those understated geniuses with the dry wit humor.  I discovered a show on the then new Fox network called It’s Garry Shandling Show in 1986.

I had never heard to Garry Shandling but immediately I was drawn into the show. Especially the witty theme song.  Check out the clip.

It’s Garry Shandling Show aired from September 10, 1986 to May 25, 1990. Created by Shandling and Alan Zweibel, it starred Garry Shandling, Geoffrey Blake, Molly Creek, Jessica Harper, Scott Nemes and Michael Tucci.  General Hospital’s Ian Buchanan (Duke Lavery) guest starred.

What I liked about the show is that Garry Shandling on It’s Garry Shandling Show knew he was a television sitcom character and talked to the audience throughout each episode.  It almost felt as though we were a part of the cast.  It was interactive comedy and Garry was brilliant in making fun of himself in such a way that it was okay to laugh.

I feel that Garry Shandling opened the door for many of the comedians who came after him and will be missed.  I thank him for giving me many hours of laughter and for being a cherished memory of my youth.

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