Jared Padalecki Shines in #SPN Season 11 Finale via @tdmiller820917 @jarpad

Jared Padalecki always brings his raw emotions and vulnerability to our television screens. This skill is one of the reasons why I adore his portrayal of Sam Winchester on The CW’s long running show Supernatural.

When Sam cries, it stabs at our hearts. Sam was forced to kill the werewolf cursed Madison in Heart. He cried a river of tears. We did too. When Dean became puppy chow to the invisible, yet menacing hellhounds in the Season 3 finale No Rest for the Wicked, Sam’s anguish punctuated a very intense emotional scene.

When the Levee Breaks remains my all-time favorite Supernatural episode. Imprisoned in the panic room to detox from his demon blood addiction and with only his hallucinations to keep him company, Sam was stripped of his inhibitions. Jared Padalecki gave a memorable, emotionally intense performance.

Sacrifice is another episode when Jared Padalecki was right on the mark in illustrating Sam’s emotional torment. Feeling the burden of disappointing his brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) over and over again, Sam was more than willing to sacrifice his life to set things right and save the world.

On May 25th, Supernatural aired its Season 11 finale Alpha and Omega. This episode was the culmination of the Winchesters’ season long battle with Amara, aka The Darkness.

I admit that I have been somewhat disappointed with how the writers have placed Sam on the back burner this season. For example, having Sam’s conversation with Chuck/God about taking on The Mark of Cain occur off screen was a major writing faux pas. Similarly, when the writers had Sam so readily work with Lucifer without showing his fear or anger over the torture he received from Lucifer in the Cage was a major missed opportunity.

Still, Jared Padalecki excels at the material he is given. In the season finale when Team Winchester appeared resigned to Amara’s impending victory, it was Sam who advanced options and marshalled the troops to fight. After learning that Dean would carry the bomb composed of souls used to destroy Amara inside of him, the heartache over knowing Dean would die was etched on Sam’s face. Jared Padalecki’s performance was beautifully understated, yet still full of emotional impact.

I applaud Jared Padalecki. He always brings his best work to Supernatural. Jared Padalecki shined in the Supernatural Season 11 finale.

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