Why You Need To See @JennaRoseSimon’s Art via @tdmiller820917 #IamEmpowered

If you aren’t familiar with Jenna Rose Simon’s art, you should rectify that situation as soon as possible.

Jenna Rose Simon is a creative and inspiring voice on social media.

Social media often feeds negativity and nastiness where some people clothe themselves in anonymity to further a goal to demean others.

Jenna Rose Simon uses her social media platform to advocate on behalf of mental and other forms of abuse. Each drawing that she courageously and generously shares is deeply personal and phenomenal. Her art speaks to us; its emotional depth is unquestioned.

Victims of abuse face stigma and gravitate towards keeping silent about their pain because of fear and guilt. Through her art, Jenna Rose Simon champions the belief that you retain your voice, you own your story and you don’t need to remain silent.

Check out some of Jenna Rose Simon’s recent drawings and you will be enthralled by the beauty and power that is depicted:






(Art is courtesy of Jenna Rose Simon)
I am grateful, honored and so positively influenced by Jenna Rose Simon that I have written a poetry book inspired by her art:



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