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Now we’re getting deeper into the nitty gritty of the story. Finding things out, getting confused over other things….though I’m sure soon everything will makes sense. This show seems to give you mystery as well as creepy. And I’m still totally digging it.

Father Bennett arrives in Chicago and is the head of the Pope’s posse…look I’m not a super religious person, so yea, I don’t know what his posse is called lol. But he’s like the leader dude of the Pope’s tour. He met Father Tomas, as well as Angela and was well informed of demon Casey….

At the busy church, Henry goes to see Father Tomas….and now we know how he got his head injury…scaffolding falling on his noggin. Let’s just say everyone knows Casey is possessed. Father Tomas tried like hell…ooh bad choice of words huh…to get permission for an exorcism. Father Marcus is already starting to catch on to what’s going on with these missing organs….some peoples are trying to bring forth demons…..

With some mean spirited prodding by Father Marcus, Casey’s little demon pal shows himself and sings like a canary….Father Tomas catches it in video…you know for evidence to get permission for an exorcism. Father Marcus assumes this is the same demon who possessed Gabriel, the demon knowing so much about him, however, the demon let’s him know he’s not the same one, but every demon knows of what happened and were once afraid but no longer are…dun dun dun….they ain’t scared of you no more.

The scene finally showing Kat’s accident was….harsh man. She’s sitting there driving with her friend, Julia is the passenger seat. They profess their love for one another, obviously for the first time then WHAM horrible car accident and Julia is dead. Damn that creepy demonic imaginary not imaginary dude being in the road and I know he had Julia have Kat look her in the eye, I know it! I. Know. It!

Creepy old gross demonic imaginary dude gropes on Casey and she lets him. She has obvious low self-esteem, extreme jealousy of her sister, though I’m not sure why..maybe the little sister thing. This demonic stalker just knows how to reach her fragile spots. At a memorial for Julia held by her and Kat’s dance troupe, Casey acts even more unusual, leading her to storm out…with her father following her to accompany her home. At least she didn’t take any dancers legs out…just saying.

Casey and her father jump on a train, when like her dad just falls asleep talking. The demonic stalker shows up at the end on the train car and walks towards her, they have a make out session, that made me extremely uncomfortable and grossed out. Sorry, but it did. Right after some dudes hop on the train and one starts giving her a hard time…aggressively coming on to her…man that’s as polite as I can put it, because, honestly when the demon took over and grab his crotch, tossed his ass, then clawed him to death..literally..I was kind of cheering her on. Once again, Bravo on the end of that scene. Though peeing yourself is gross, it paid great homage to the film. (Yes Reagan, we will always remember you).

Was I the only one surprised that Father Bennett handed Father Marcus excommunication papers instead of helping him out? How could that VIDEO evidence be refuted? Seriously?

So, Mrs. Walter’s became so, I guess you’d say, powerful because her family made shatter proof glass? Interesting. And what I’m gathering is she doesn’t want the Pope to come….and she “donates” $100,000 to Father Tomas’ church….just because she’s feeling generous…
I really think she’s…I don’t know….maybe evil. There’s definitely something not right about her. I’ll be keeping an eye on you missy!

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