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Things got really real on this week’s episode, like whoa. So much so, I cannot wait until next week’s episode and still have a week to wait…sigh…

After Casey went Wolverine on the pervert on the train, she was placed on a hold at the hospital mental ward. Angela knows there’s nothing the hospital can do for her daughter, but try telling that to a bunch of doctors, who’s science trumps demonic possession…..even though they can’t explain what the hell is going on with her. They did find how she um mutilated herself um nether region with a curling iron. Despite Angela’s protest, the hospital refuses to let Casey ago until her 72 hours are up. Trust me when I say she keeps a close eye over her daughter.

Father Tomas’ old “friend” shows up at his place, he allows her to spend the night, but she leaves before he awakes. Is she going to be a part of this story or was she just a character to show us Father Tomas is a little more human than the saint he’s suppose to be?

Father Bennett sends Father Marcus on a mission….to meet people, who can possibly help him with what’s going on with Casey. A priest walks into a convent…still waiting for the punchline….oh that was a great line. I did like seeing Father Marcus find himself again, the Sister showing him there’s another way to exorcise a demon (totally just said that in my best Ace Ventura voice and totally didn’t even intend to). I mean, it made sense in a way, if you really look at it, demons being forgiven. I mean, it’s said that demons are cast down angels, so maybe that’s all some need, forgiveness. Then there’s Casey’s demon…who just wants control.


And just when Casey is giving in to save the life of an innocent nurse, Mama walks in, takes her hand and leads her out of that awful hospital that gives the creeptastic demon more power and control. Both Fathers decide they’re going to go against the church and perform the exorcism anyhow. The set up the attic, covering the windows with pillows and blankets and boards, with a chain in the middle of the floor beside a mattress.

The episode ended with the Fathers opening the door to where Casey is being held and she rushes the camera….
Why did it have to end so soon? Why does a week have to be a week away? Can someone give me some hints, ppplease.

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