Writing for @thenerdygirlexp Has Been A Great Treat via @tdmiller820917 #Happy1stAnniversaryNGE

As a host of witches, ghosts, pirates, and others parade across various cities and towns on this Halloween with that familiar appeal of trick or treat, I celebrate The Nerdy Girl Express on its first anniversary. Writing for The Nerdy Girl Express has been a great treat.

When I first joined social media, I quickly realized that I wanted to write for an online magazine. I was fortunate to discover The Nerdy Girl Express through my twin sister Stacy and equally fortunate that co-founders Erin, Erica and Katherine welcomed me to the writing team.

What I find remarkably refreshing about The Nerdy Girl Express is its ability to recognize the unique talents its writing team. You feel the respect and support as a writer. When you pitch ideas, you know you have an encouraging ear. Even if your idea isn’t a fit for the magazine, The Nerdy Girl Express will give you the courtesy of listening. This is a wonderful thing for a writer.

The Nerdy Girl Express writers love what they do. Our staff has a multitude of interests.  Whether we are interviewing authors, actors, musicians, etc. or writing book, music and movie reviews or writing original articles about television shows or anything else that inspires our creative fancy, the Nerdy Girl Express writers reveal their unique personalities.

The Nerdy Girl Express brings positivity to social media. We blast to the television past, bring you the artisans of today and keep our eyes trained to the future.

Happy First Anniversary, The Nerdy Girl Express and here is to many more years of giving readers the very best in entertainment and thought provoking articles!

I wanted to say how grateful I am to write for The Nerdy Girl Express so I put my feelings into verse:

I wanted to write for an online publication
That I felt appreciated my writing style
It is something that I have wanted
For quite a long while

When I found The Nerdy Girl Express
My Muse felt embraced
For the Nerdy Girl Express supports all of its writers
Creativity has found a wonderful place

The Nerdy Girl Express
Encourages a unique piece
A writer can reveal her love for crafts
And a poet isn’t silenced so she speaks

We write about movies, books and tv
And even offer blasts from the past
Our articles entertain and inform
This is the reason why a solid writing foundation will last

Why I’m grateful that I write for The Nerdy Girl Express
Can a poem say it best
As a writer I felt lost
But The Nerdy Girl Express fulfills my creative quest


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