Doppleganger #1 @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

A car accident and an unexpected death kick off the first issue of Doppleganger from Alterna Comics. Dennis Zimmann has been kicked around his entire life, but after a tragic start to his morning, things take self-destructive turn.

Even though he’s concussed Dennis makes it through most of his work day, but his headache just keeps growing. After taking some time to try and relax after he and his wife have a discussion about him finding a new job, he finds himself shocked by a surprise guest. He sees his wife talking to someone and initially he assumes it’s his friend. The man who comes outside to greet him is instead himself! It turns out that Dennis is destined to die, but someone else will be taking over his life. This doppleganger was generated after the accident that morning, when an elderly man died and crashed into Dennis’ car. Even though he assumes that this is some side effect connected to the concussion, Doppleganger Dennis proves that he is very real and very deadly.

dopple 1

When this comic started I was getting a Fight Clubesque vibe. Dennis had a job he hated and he had gone through an unexpected event. The twist that this doppleganger is some sort of supernatural being that takes over your life was not what I was expecting. The moment that Doppleganger Dennis revealed the dangerous power of being seen with your doppleganger was a shock, especially since he apparently used it as a favor to the real Dennis. I am very interested to see how this story evolves over the next three issues with Dennis having to race against the death clock and deal with his dangerous doppleganger.

dopple 2

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