Room To Grow Series #NationalComingOutDay Debut Review from @kleffnotes

Revry is the first ever global queer content focused streaming service and specifically for National Coming Out Day they are celebrating with the release of a brand new docu-series, Room To Grow. This series will focus on the coming out stories of various voices within the LGBTQ+ community and as a special treat I was able to check out the first episode a little early. The series releases today as a part of National Coming Out Day and even with just a look at episode one I can promise that it will be an emotionally and beautifully done show.

The first episode of Room To Grow focuses on Savannah, who you might recognize from a viral coming out video. After coming out to her mom, biological father, and step father, she felt moved to come out to her church. This coming out moment was part of a testimony she gave in front of her ward. For those of you who are unfamiliar with those words this event occurred within a Mormon Church, her mom uses both that term and LDS to discuss their faith. While she gave her testimony before the congregation, Savannah found her mic cut off and was surprised when she was asked to leave the podium. Her episode of Room to Grow delves into the immediate events that followed that testimony and what has changed in her life and her mother’s life after that moment.

Savannah is such a strong person and her bright spirit shines through throughout this episode. Her mother is so supportive of her daughter and the two have such a beautiful relationship. This story is so strong and positive and is the perfect way to begin the series. While not every moment of her life has been positive since coming out, Savannah’s message of acceptance and striving to make a change is heartwarming. I cannot wait to check out the rest of this series and to explore Revry’s content more. For National Coming Out Day you absolutely need to watch Room To Grow.

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