The Summer of Jordi Perez Book Review ( @theames )from @kleffnotes

The weather has gotten a bit chilly where I am and that means it is the perfect time to curl up with a cozy book, especially one set in the far warmer month of Summer in California. I have been trying to get my hands on The Summer of Jordi Perez for months. After seeing a table devoted to it and Ship It, which I also plan to review, at ClexaCon this year I was looking for it everywhere. Finally I managed to track it down through a local library app, Libby. When in doubt library it out I guess!

Abby Ives loves fashion and this summer she has the chance to be an intern for one of her absolute favorite local businesses, Lemonberry. While she’s never really thought of herself as the lead in her own story, Abby has prepared herself to never actually find someone to date, especially after she learns the girl she has been crushing on for ages has a boyfriend. Stealing herself to stay single, while being there for her best friend, Mahlia, and her jock boyfriend Trevor, Abby is ready to dive into her fashion focused internship with full force. What she didn’t expect is that she isn’t the only intern and while Abby is bright, bubbly, and pink haired, Jordi Perez is a dark clothes wearing, slightly broody seeming photographer. Though these girls might appear to be polar opposites, Abby finds herself crushing hard on Jordi and she’s shocked when she finds out that she isn’t the only one crushing.

What I love about The Summer of Jordi Perez is that Abby’s journey isn’t tied entirely to her relationship with Jordi. While she is tremendously excited to have her first girlfriend, she is also making new friends and finding a new strength inside of her. This summer is pushing her to be more forceful and show off her skills in social media and with fashion. Abby is such a fun character to watch grow throughout the story and while I am definitely more of a Jordi, I own way too much black and I totally can’t pull off pink hair, Abby finding her voice and seeing herself as more than just a sidekick was just such a great and positive story. If you are looking for a great YA character and story, that also happens to have a sweet female/female romance you should find your own copy of The Summer of Jordi Perez today.

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