Space Is Cool As Fuck Book Review from @kleffnotes

Typically I avoid cursing too much on the site, but you cantc exactly not use the full title of a book in your review without possibly confusing your readers. Space Is Cool As Fuck is literally just that, it is cool af! See I avoided it that time. While this might seem a bit NSFW, the book itself is relatively tame and just happens to have some PG-13 level descriptor words. Okay, and a couple pictures have cartoon breasts, but hey you aren’t going to be taking this coffee table book to work anyway, unless you like hefting coffee table books around.

Kate Howells and a variety of guest writers share their passion for space. Almost no one in the book is an expert, though there is a very cool Bill Nye interview that is a delight to read. It also includes some Bill themed art, which you’ll definitely want to see. Space Is Cool As Fuck is designed to be a sharing of love and excitement for space, but in a very informal way. Howells writes sections discussing planets, space travel, and she even devotes a bit to Pluto in her massive collection of space themed writing. Her friends are fellow enthusiasts who just want to share their thoughts on topics they enjoy from within the subject of space. There is so much passion and excitement throughout the book that you’ll feel like you are sitting in a room full of friends just chatting about space.

Beyond fun writing elements there are gorgeous visuals throughout the book. These include photographs taken of things in space as well as art made by some very talented artists. You get to see interpretations of space travel, aliens, and so much more through a variety of mediums. Even if you aren’t in the mood to read about space you could easily just sit down and enjoy the art inside. I found Space Is Cool As Fuck to be a delightfully fun read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys space or even someone who just wants something fun and surprisingly educational to read. You can find it on sale now!

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