#TheInspectors Senior Week S4Ep13 directed by @terryserpico via @stacyamiller85 @bretjgreen @ericamsanchez @harrisonxknight @CBSInspectors @CBSDreamTeam #JessicaLundy

As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

CBS The Inspectors episode “Senior Week” was directed by Terry Serpico (Mitch).

At Air Transfer Inc., men burst in and steal some boxes. An employee rushes to the phone to call the police.

University Grind. Noah (Harrison Knight) and Preston (Bret Green) are dressed in 1960s attire for a Senior Week event. Veronica (Erica-Marie Sanchez) enters wearing her normal clothes. She said she’s been distracted since breaking up with Jack. Preston reminds how things were weird for them when they first broke up but got back to normal.
Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) question the Air Transfer Inc. employee who contacted the police about the robbery.
Preston tells Noah that a good workout should help clear Veronica’s mind. They come to the Ruiz residence and tell Veronica they’ve come up with a way to help her.
The preps van was abandoned; Georgia (Charmin Lee) begins looking for evidence.
City Park in Washington, DC. Preston has prepared an obstacle course, explaining “As Aristotle once said ‘The body can not function without the mind.” “I believe that was Laurence Fishburne,” adds Veronica.  “Whatever. The point is a healthy constitution is the base for a healthy spirit. In that spirit, I give you this obstacle course.” Veronica runs Preston’s makeshift obstacle course. Then, Noah works on helping Veronica clear her mind with meditation. But bees interrupt their inner peace.
Although the van was wiped clean, Georgia is able to lift a fingerprint. “Missed a spot,” she says. Georgia gets a match for the fingerprint.
Veronica treats Noah’s bee sting. Preston can’t understand why this breakup is so much harder than theirs. She tells him it’s not about him but the choices she makes.
Mitch and Amanda question the man whose fingerprint was lifted. He said he made a mistake; he’s been out of work and told the robbers about the security code and how it takes ninety seconds for the police to arrive. He says he’s not a criminal but those men terrified him.
Noah and Preston show Amanda their banner that reads ‘Jamestown Friends Keep You Afloat’ Veronica thinks its perfect.
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