Die Again, Mr. Holmes Book Review from @kleffnotes

Lucy James, now Lucy Kelly after marrying police inspector Jack in the previous novel in the Sherlock Holmes/Lucy James series. In Die Again, Mr. Holmes Lucy and her famous father have both been tasked with finding a missing person in cases that surprisingly become linked. Smugglers, opium, and a great deal of mystery abound in this brand new addition to the series.

Following a trial, Holmes is approached by a young woman who is desperate to have him find her missing fiance. While this is going on Lucy is being asked to find a missing maid. Holmes surprisingly fails in his attempt to find the missing man, alive at least, but as both seasoned detectives dive deeper into their cases they both learn that opium is a link between everything going on. To start the story with a bang, Holmes is declared dead, and as we rewind on this story all of the other characters find themselves trying to figure out what has happened to Holmes and they keep being shocked as more details about what is happening with him occur.

On top of these mysteries, this is the first book in the series that includes chapters dedicated to Lucy’s young sister-in-law, Becky. Her father, who has been out of her life for years, has been released from prison and she worries he will pull her away from her brother and Lucy. Becky also has a bit of the investigating bug herself and is trying to help figure out what is happening with Holmes and all of these cases. I adore this series and the writing of Anna Elliott and Charles Veley. Every book has been able to balance the storylines easily between different points of view and the new addition of Becky as a chapter controlling character was so delightful. The mystery in Die Again, Mr. Holmes will constantly keep you guessing and there are fantastic twists and turns. If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan or a mystery fan this is a perfect series to check out and this book can act as an easy starting point. You can find Die Again, Mr. Holmes on sale today.

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