The Wilted Flower District Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Wilted Flower District is a follow-up to a book I previously review on The Nerdy Girl Express, Forgotten Violets. In this new addition to the series the focus is on the child of Meadow Noone, the main character of the first book, Violet Noone. After the death of her mother and father, Violet is being raised by a friend of her parents and she even has two adopted siblings. One of these siblings will lead Violet to become involved in a murder investigation and a number of other dangerous events in The Domain.

Ophelia is Violet’s sister through her new family and after being gone her sudden reappearance leads Violet to go searching for her. This late night decision also involves her brother, Ophelia’s biological brother, and the two are shocked to find a massive amount of a drug used by those with supernatural powers as well as a dead body. Violet tries to hide their connection to these things through her internship, but an investigator named Penny begins questioning both of them. With so much going on already, Violet finds her world rocked again when a terror attack focused on preters, the supernatural people, happens. This leads to massive reveals about the world of The Domain as well and also a place known as The Kingdom, where Meadow once frequented.

This new story is much shorter than the first book in the series, but is packed with story and drama. Violet is dealing with so much and beyond all the danger around her she is also coping with preter powers that might be even more powerful than she expected. The dynamic between Violet and her adoptive family is full of love and care. Even when things continue to get worse around them, the family pulls together and works to support each other. I am curious to see how the new world presented in The Wilted Flower District evolves going forward. You can purchase your copy today.

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