Sparks: The Way I Was Comic Review ( @glenn_matchett ) from @kleffnotes

Glenn Matchett is back with a sequel to his P.I. focused comic Sparks, which I previously wrote about as well as a few other works by Matchett. What makes this addition a bit of a shift in tone is that fact that it gives us not only a current day murder, but also flashes back to show readers how Mel Sparks came to be where she is today. This gripping read will push you to embrace and understand what can happen when someone finds themselves pushed to the edge.

Mel has been called to a murder scene, but there is something eerily familiar about this case. As she prepares to enter the scene she begins to think back to when she actually worked on the force. When she was newly on the job she was sent out with her partner to the scene of a murder that became part of a major investigation due to the three murders that occurred. These deaths were all connected to the number three that the killer painted on the wall of the first crime. Mel didn’t handle this first case well and due to rising sexist behavior on the part of the other member of the force, she chose to leave. After becoming a P.I. she began examining someone else in the same field and while meeting with him she would make a choice that seems to have set off a chain reaction that has come to a head in the present.

Sparks is a series that I really enjoy reading. Mel reminds me of a bit of Jessica Jones, but she is also her own person. She had to leave a path she had always wanted and forge her own way, which has led her to do certain things she never thought she would do. Without being a hero or an anti-hero, she is instead just a person struggling to survive and thrive in a field connected to her chosen profession. This new addition to the series makes me even more excited to see more of Mel and how the case of the Number Killer will evolve. I am hoping for a showdown between these two characters, but Matchett is great at surprising readers so I can’t wait to see where he takes Sparks. You can find Sparks: The Way I Was on Comixology today.

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