Cheshire Crossing Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes

New York Times Bestselling author of The Martian and Artemis Andy Weir has written a thrilling graphic novel with the fantastic illustrations of Sarah Andersen focused on three famous fictional female characters. Cheshire Crossing brings together Dorothy, Alice, and Wendy, who after returning from their respective adventures in Oz, Wonderland, and Neverland, have been brought to Cheshire Crossing. This boarding school is designed to help these girls harness their magic and world-crossing powers, but these three are tired of authority figures and decide to go on adventures together, which lead to some unexpected consequences.

For Cheshire Crossing, Weir has allowed Dorothy, Alice, and Wendy to age a bit and now as teenagers they have all been told this new school is meant to be a place to understand their dissociative psychosis. What shocks them the most is that when the head of the school, Dr. Rutherford introduces himself to them he informs him that he believes that all of their worlds are real. While Wendy and Dorothy are pleased by this, Alice is now concerned that being interesting will lead to her inevitable dissection and study. As the more pessimistic member of the trio, Alice decides she needs to get away and with her first attempt thwarted she steals Dorothy’s silver shoes. This decision leads to dangers in Oz when not just Alice, but also Wendy wind up in the poppy fields of this magical world. The Wicked Witch sees this as her chance to get the silver slippers so desires, also turns out Dorothy didn’t actually kill her. This desire leads a cross universe adventure with our three heroines, with the help of their nanny, fighting against the Wicked Witch and her new companion Captain Hook. If you love classic stories of fantasy and especially these three characters and their worlds Cheshire Crossing is a fun and fast paced read that will leave any age reader delighted.

I love reading new takes on the classics and especially anything that connects back to Wonderland and Alice’s adventures. Cheshire Crossing not only brought to life a new take on the realm of Wonderland, but also brought together the stories of Oz and Neverland so seamlessly that their connection feels completely necessary and natural. Beyond giving a new spin to these stories, Weir has made the characters his own and with Andersen’s illustrations presenting vivid imagery to support it this will be something you won’t want to put down. I also tremendously enjoyed the changes made to the appearances of the characters. Dorothy and Alice are no longer white, which adds diversity to these older stories. I also would like to think that with Wendy’s styling, she is the only female character in pants with short hair, that she could be in some way not straight, but again that is a bit of a wish on my part. Weir and Andersen’s partnership on this book has brought about a universe and story that I really hope continues on into the future. I would absolutely read more of the adventures Dorothy, Alice, and Wendy get into with their traveling powers. Cheshire Crossing is out tomorrow, July 9th, but you can pre-order your copy today!

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