Running With Violet Season 2 Debut Feature from @kleffnotes

Running With Violet is one of the most unexpected series I have ever had the pleasure of watching. I am a bit slow to the scene for this one, but this female focused series from Rebecca Davey and Marie-Claire Marcotte has a little bit of everything all tied together in a perfect package of drugs, death, and comedy. With the second season releasing today I wanted to highlight a little bit about the first season and give some spoiler free thoughts on what you can expect in Season 2.

Jolene and Miranda, played by creators Davey and Marcotte respectively, are friends in a small town and both are desperate for some time away. Jolene feels strained after her divorce trying to raise her young daughter Violet and support the two of them as well as her father. She feels like she is constantly having to work just to make ends meet and keep her job in a salon. Miranda has a life that from the outside seems perfect, but her husband is a terror. He can’t do anything for himself and constantly expects her to cater to his every whim. Beyond that he is aggressive and, in more than one occasion, puts his hands on Miranda. Jolene and Miranda are casually chatting about taking a girls’ weekend, because both of them just want some time away from the pressures of their lives, and this plan gets set into motion a bit faster than expected when Miranda does something completely unexpected. When Blair confronts her about taking birth control pills she defends herself by hitting him with a cast iron skillet. Thinking she has killed him, Miranda rushes out to find supplies to get rid of the body and on the way runs into Miranda. Under the guise of a weekend away the two women find themselves caught up in hiding a body, running drugs, a sting, and all the while trying to keep Violet from ever knowing anything is wrong. The first season is full of twists and turns and no matter what you think might be the truth you are never going to guess just what is going on.

The second season takes place in sunny Florida, where Jolene and Miranda have finally decided to take a bit of a break. That would work, if there weren’t people looking for them after the events of the last season. Beyond a new setting, the episodes in Season 2 are a little bit longer and we also get a few new characters in the main cast. While enjoying Florida, the ladies are asked to become sellers of these new beauty products, think Avon, but there is far more to these “sag stopping” products than meets the eye. Bae Mine secretly has a far more criminal background with bodies popping up on the periphery. Back home Jolene and Miranda are finding their footing as sales reps, but they better be ready for the drama that is going to unfold. The second season also brings us the return of a character I am exceptionally excited about. At the end of the first season, Miranda seemed smitten with a police officer named Rosa and now that Blair is out of the picture, they are trying out a relationship. These two women are so sweet together and Miranda finally has someone who really cares about her. Andrea Bang plays Samantha, who is in charge of prepping them for sales while her girlfriend, Xorge(Amy Matysio) runs everything else. We also get the return of the goth and snarky babysitter, Frankie, Jessii Vee, who is just trying to figure out a way to make her life more exciting. This second season takes the ideas of Season 1 and grows them into an even more hilarious and homicidal event. If you like crime and comedy, Running With Violet is the perfect watch for you. Make sure to check it out today on their YouTube channel.

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