A Private War II Book Review from @kleffnotes

The sequel to A Private War, A Private War II, focuses on Andre’s return to Alabama, where he struggles to cope with his life after the war. Beyond dealing with what would be a typical adjustment period, Andre will also begin working at the paper that covered his trial, which is an additional element to cope with when it brings up elements of his childhood that he had thought were answered. This story brings previous characters back together and involves another intensive climax for everyone in Alabama.

The focus of A Private War II is on internal struggles within the South. Almost right away the story introduces the issues of the Klu Klux Klan and the danger they bring to various populations and communities within the region. As Andre still struggles to find a semblance of balance in his life he continues to experience religious dreams and finds himself unable to concentrate. He is also lying about how he is doing when he is asked by others. As the story ramps up we learn that there are white men going missing and the journalists begin to wonder if the rumors they’ve heard of other men trying to take down the KKK from the inside is true. Andre is doing his best to become a journalist, but not only is he working, but he has been asked to perform in a play that is full of romance.

While this book is shorter than the previous book in the series it still contains an exceptionally complex and well researched story. There are discussions of politics during the period as well as the topic of integration in the South. All of these historical elements are interesting to see in their presentation and these are then used to further the fictional plot as well. Andre is thrust back into examining his childhood as well as to the previous events during the war. Emotions run high and characters are pushed to their limits. Oliver is also still a vital character and he and Andre grow closer as friends as they work together. We also get to see more of Tatiana, who will be the focus of the third book in the trilogy, which establishes a strong basis for that character. If you enjoyed the first book in the series, A Private War II is a well written follow-up that takes the characters and allows them to understand more about themselves and the politics happening around them. You can get your copy today.

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