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Every week on CBS Seal Team, Bravo Team executes dangerous missions. They are highly trained to carry out these assignments on short notice and with little margin for error.

Let’s take a look at the brave members of Bravo Team.

Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) is the leader of Bravo Team. He’s referred to as Bravo 1. It is Jason’s job to make decisions and give orders. This is a hefty responsibility since he literally holds not only the success of the mission, but the lives of his men in his hands. Even with over twenty years experience, Hayes sometimes questions his decisions and takes failure and team member loss upon himself. Jason often wonders whether he could have done something differently. But regardless, he can’t sway once a choice has been made.

Master Chief Hayes is stubborn. Although respectful of the military chain of command, that doesn’t mean he won’t make his view known, especially when the life of one of his own hangs in the balance. For example, in the Season 2 Episode 13 “Time to Shine” when Sonny (AJ Buckley) was trapped in a submarine torpedo tube and couldn’t be released due to an equipment malfunction and the tube was quickly filling up with water, Jason was determined to get him out. But with an enemy vessel in the nearby vicinity, the high command refused to authorize Sonny’s rescue for fear of alerting their position to the enemy. Jason wasn’t going to let Sonny die. He told Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) and Clay (Max Theriot) to barricade the door and they would drill Sonny out themselves. Master Chief Wilke’s reminder that in doing so Bravo Team would not only be committing mutiny but endangering all of their lives was what stopped Jason from proceeding with his plan.  “Work the problem” is the way Jason handles complications. A good leader must know how to come up with viable solutions. In the end, Sonny was saved at the last second due to Jason’s Plan B approach.

As a father and a military leader, Jason has multiple people depending on him. Balancing these two roles is challenging as he wants to give both of his families his best. Mistakes arise. Tempers flare. Jason Hayes has to be at the top of his game at all times. Hayes is not one to share his feelings (therapy’s a no no) or ask for help so he’s in a constant struggle over doing the right thing. Saving Sonny. Saving Ray. Paying for Emma’s college. He’s a man putting everyone first. But who will look after Jason Hayes?

Bravo Team…because they are his brothers and Jason wouldn’t have it any other way.

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