Dorian Gray Book One Book Review from @kleffnotes

Dorian Gray by John Garavaglia, the first in the Dorian Gray series inspired by the comics of the same name by Darren G. Davis and Scott Davis, is an adaptation for a young adult audience of the story of a new generation of Gray. As presented in the graphic novel, this Dorian Gray is not the first Dorian, whose life was recorded by Oscar Wilde, but a young affluent man living in New York. Still in high school, this Dorian has been raised by close family friends after the unexpected death of his mother and the disappearance of his father. In these pages readers follow Dorian as he learns his destiny.

This first book in a series does follow a great deal of the original source material for the plot. Though it may contain a majority of the same plot, which was covered in my review of the graphic novel that published yesterday on The Nerdy Girl Express, there are elements that grow the story. While yes, they do both show Dorian learning of the morbi and gaining a crate worth of demon hunting supplies, including the well known painting of his ancestor, we get to learn a bit more about his parents. We see as young Dorian is orphaned and through this we see the hints of a possible curse. What is curious is that young Dorian mentions that his parents has superhero jobs, but seems to have been told to forget this as he got older. This adds a bit of a tease for the readers going forward.

This book was a quick read for me, but I will admit I read it very soon after finishing the graphic novel. As a full length novel it has the ability to add and expand elements to show a bit more detail of what is happening in Dorian’s life. If you have not read the graphic novel I would recommend that you either read it before or after reading this first book as the images presented there will benefit you going forward. This is a strong introduction to the young Dorian and his new journey to take down the morbi and save the families who have been cursed by their connections to them. If you are a fantasy fan or a supernatural action fan Dorian Gray from Markosia Enterprises is a book  you should pick up.

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