Worldship Files: Leviathan Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Earth is threatened by a slowly expanding sun and the only chance for survival will involve embarking on a journey through the stars in order to settle a new planet. In order to do this they will need to create a mammoth Worldship that can bring settlers across the galaxies. For the first time preternatural beings make themselves known to mankind in order to ensure salvation for all. After a thousand years the Worldship, Leviathan is completed and lotteries are held to determine which twelve million beings will be sent out on the ten thousand year journey. In this new series Erik Schubach takes readers on a supernatural and science fiction journey full of mystery in Worldship Files: Leviathan.

This series focuses on Knith Shade, a human law enforcement officer of the Enforcers Brigade aboard the Leviathan. We meet her five thousand years into her journey, which is just the halfway point of this treacherous journey. A series of grisly murders have occurred in which the organs of victims are being harvested in the back halls of the habitation rings. As the first person to find clues regarding these crimes, Knith is worried that revealing her theories could lead to even more deaths. It seems that all the signs point to the daughter of Queen Mab, which could mean the faeries will remove their magic, and in doing so everyone else on the ship would die. Beyond the fear of death, Knith also finds herself drawn to her prime suspect, Princess Aurora. Mysteries and questions will continue to be unearthed as Knith works to learn just what is happening on Leviathan.

I am a huge fan of Schubach’s work and I have read his entire Urban Fairytales series as well as some of his other books. I was overjoyed when I started Worldship Files: Leviathan because it reminded me so much of the world I had left behind. While the dialogue elements remind me of the heroines of his other series, this book allows him to take his ideas and span them between two different genres. Not only does his science fiction basis work and speak to the idea of society evolving and changing with multiple civilizations in one new living situation, but it also puts supernatural beings and humans in close connection. This allows for humanity to adapt to the ways of the supernatural and to become more comfortable with the beings that once hid in the shadows. I also love the dynamic Knith has with the A.I. on the ship known as Mother. They banter like an old married couple and it works to lighten the mood, even in the darkest of moments. This is a great read for fans of fantasy and science fiction, there is a little bit there for everyone. You can get your copy of Worldship Files: Leviathan today.

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