Raven Maid: Out of the Darkness Book Review from @kleffnotes

The New Sentinels series provides a variety of stories all set in the same magical version of our world. In Raven Maid: Out of the Darkness we meet Adelaide Oliver who was raised in the bayou of New Orleans, but has fled to Seattle for fear that she is hallucinating strange things. What she doesn’t understand is that she is special, a Raven Maid. These secret beings appear in Voodoo or Vodoun and the things she sees are anything, but imaginary.

As a Raven Maid, Adelaide is between the worlds and able to guide lost souls to their final destination. While this is a difficult journey for wayward spirits to make regardless of where they will ultimately end up, what do you do if a spirit refuses to make the journey at all? Adelaide will have to gain control of her powers, which she has pushed away and also work to keep the balance within the world regardless of the desires of some spirits. We learn that Adelaide can see the dead after an accident occurs outside a coffee shop she is spending time at following a campus tour. She had hoped that getting out of New Orleans would fix these visions of the dead, but just like her hair, her powers refuse to obey her. The way her powers are presented is done alongside a very flirty conversation with the woman who gave her a campus tour, Shannon. The idea of being a Raven Maid, much like in the previous book in the series, has a physical representation. Beneath her hair lurk black feathers that sprout as her powers are activated. While Angelina became winged by chance in Djinn: Cursed I appreciate the connecting element of feathers being a physical sign of power.

The first time Adelaide uses her powers the scene is full of love and emotion as she takes on the complete form of a Raven Maid and not only that, Shannon finds all of this enticing. The idea of zombies is also present in this book and the way that Adelaide physically reacts to them emphasizes a strangeness in what they are. Once we learn about zombies we are then privy to a terrible battle between these odd beings and the Raven Maids which will force Adelaide to be more of a fighter than she ever planned to be. This book takes elements of New Orleans and Voodoo connected lore and creates something that will keep you guessing and flipping through pages until the very end. You can get Raven Maid: Out of the Darkness today.

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