The Light Book Review from @kleffnotes

Jim Alexander’s latest book, The Light, explores a world where you wake up and know that this is the day that you are going to die. If you lived in this world how would this shape your views on the world around you and society as a whole. How would life be altered by this knowledge and how would death be viewed.

The basis for this book focuses on people being required to take the Light on a daily basis. This device determines if this will be their final day on earth. As it alternates between establishing this new world and sharing the story of an ordinary person who has to cope with extraordinary circumstances. This story is something for sci-fi and alternate future fans to latch onto and for those who have previously read some of Alexander’s work this takes his writing and expands it into a new genre.

Geoff acts as our primary lens for this examination of the Light and how this force is able to examine people and determine their death date. Even if you don’t die when the light expects being slated for a 24 hour death window curses you to a limited time as a full member of society. If you prove the light wrong you don’t benefit, but instead you are pushed out of your life. The idea that even if you don’t die you are doomed is a frightening prospect. As Alexander expands on Geoff’s life we follow twists and turns that will keep you guessing at what exactly will happen next. There are other characters who are also experiencing their own journey in the new world of the Light and this balances out the story well. If you are looking for a well developed read set in an eerie future this is a perfect book to pick up. You can get your copy of The Light today.

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