Still I Rise Book Review from @kleffnotes

With inspiration drawn from the title of Maya Angelou’s work, Still I Rise examines women who have been the controllers of their destinies. By embodying the strength of character of women who have pushed their way through obstacles on their path to gain their dreams this book acts as a source of strength for those who may feel like they are struggling on a truly daunting journey. Within these pages you will find stories of power and perseverance that will inspire you to push yourself to new heights.

Broken down chronologically Still I Rise examines women through time and how they have made their way through quagmires and daunting circumstances. While we might think that those whose names we know now, J.K. Rowling is presented as one example of many, have found their niche easily in the field this is just not true. Women have had to push and fight to gain the acclaim they have now, and while this is also true for those who identify differently, women and those who are female presenting are often considered to have had more difficulty gaining their footing. Marlene Wagman-Geller is personally connected to someone she considered to be one of our era’s greatest ladies, Gail Devers, and in this book she wants to ensure that the lives of women who have pushed on are truly highlighted.

The chronological story telling in this book helps the reader see how the lives of women have changed over the centuries. Beginning back in 1761 with Marie Grosholz, who many will recognize more easily by the name Madame Tussaud, and ending in 1989 with Lizzie Velazquez, who battled bullies who mocked her physical appearance and worked to promote the idea of recognizing what truly makes us beautiful. Wagman-Geller creates a text here that is very informal and feels conversational in how it is presented. If you are looking for stories that truly highlight the power of survival and perseverance this book is something that you will want to pick up. You can get your copy of Still I Rise today.

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