Tomb of the Gods Book Review from @kleffnotes

In his first novel for Flame Tree Press Brian Moreland creates a blended story of mystery, action, suspense, and horror in Tomb of the Gods. This archaeological work begins with an expedition of British archaeologists in 1935 who mysteriously vanished. When one year later a man from the expedition reappeared having gone insane and covered with strange scars no one knew what had truly happened. The granddaughter of the leader of this expedition wants to find out what happened, no matter the risk.

In her quest for answer Imogen Riley will join a second team of archaeologists and soldiers who are setting out on the same path as the original ill-fated expedition. Once they arrive inside the mountain tomb they suddenly find themselves in a technologically advanced relic filled with a maze of tunnels. Dr. Nathan Trummel thinks that this could be a guarded secret of the pharaohs, but as the team continues to explore they have no idea what wonders and terrors await them.

This work reminded me of an H.P. Lovecraft type story. Imogen is embarking on her journey to find out what led to the madness of one man and disappearance of the rest of his expeditionary force. Her main clue in all of this is a diary that includes details of the trip, which may be the only thing that can help them. As the story evolves things become frightening and the idea of a an unseen world existing that is more advanced than our own was curious to read. If you enjoy older horror stories and in particular Lovecraft this is a read you should pick up. You can pre-order your copy of Tomb of the Gods today.

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