Kathleen Gati Nominated For A Daytime Emmy For Role In A Mermaid For Christmas via @stacyamiller85 @gatitweets #AMermaidForChristmas #DaytimeEmmys

Kathleen Gati received a 2020 Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Limited Performance in a Daytime Program for her role as Connie Hunter in A Mermaid For Christmas.

According to the description on Amazon Prime, A Mermaid For Christmas is “filled with warmth, humor, whimsy, and just a touch of magic and combines classic Christmas themes with an escapist fantasy element that only a mermaid can provide.

In A Mermaid For Christmas, Kathleen Gati plays Connie Hunter. The film is directed by Michael Caruso, who Gati previously worked with on digital projects Winterthorne and Ladies of the Lake.

Kathleen Gati announced her gratitude and appreciation on being nominated on Twitter:

Congratulations Kathleen on your well deserved nomination! General Hospital fans know Kathleen is immensely talented; it’s great to see her recognized by the industry.

Photo by Steven Bergman – © Steven Bergman

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