Beneath the Moon and Tarot of the Divine Review from @kleffnotes

The power of stories has been shown to provide people with higher levels of well-being and resiliency, even if these stories do not truly reflect who you are or your life experiences. They help us to find different ways of being and give us a chance to express ourselves. Illustrator Yoshi Yoshitani grew up with both Japanese and American traditions and is very comfortable using the power of stories to bridge different cultures. In Beneath the Moon there are unique and stunning colorful illustrations created by Yoshi that are paired with seventy-eight fairy tales, myths, and divine stories from around the world.

The focus is specifically on women and girls who many readers may already be familiar with like Rapunzel and Cinderella, but there are also lesser-known figures like Pele, Mwindo, and Yennenga. This celebration of cultures showcases the power stories have to unite and uplift diverse voices and cultures. The companion tarot deck, Tarot of the Divine, is for anyone who loves to take stories and connect to their mystical power in a different way.

Yoshi’s stories are well presented and they are quick to read through. While short and easy to read they are well done and I found myself learning a great deal about stories I had never seen presented before. I absolutely loved looking at this book and enjoyed reading it so much. I think this is the perfect book for both young readers and older readers, as long as they are lovers of stories. One of my favorite illustrations is of The Little Mermaid because it just appears so different from anything I’ve seen before.

If you are someone who wants to share stories with anyone this book would make a perfect gift. Beyond the beautiful illustrations in the book and the condensed stories that are so easy to read, the companion tarot deck is also so wonderful. The booklet that comes with it helps to explain using tarot to beginners, which was very helpful for me personally. The cards also all showcase the fantastic illustrations of Yoshi and even if you don’t specifically use them for readings they would make for great display pieces within your home. You can pre-order your copy of Beneath the Moon and the companion deck and booklet Tarot of the Divine today.

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