Follow Me Darkly Book Review from @kleffnotes

Skye is always in control. She works for a hotel heiress Addison Ames, who is also a social media influencer, and while it isn’t her dream job she does get to do something she has a passion for. Photographs are something the loves and being able to take them gives her a sense of something she enjoys in her not ideal job. As a farm girl from Kansas who moved to Boston in order to make it, she has at least found a job that she can feel comfortable with. Sometimes though you have to embrace the new and the unexpected.

Braden Black is a billionaire, but he has a blue-collar edge to him. Skye feels immediately drawn to him, not only because he is handsome, but because he has this presence about him. He seems to have an interest in her and while she isn’t exactly sure what makes him want to be with her, but he wants to show her a world she never knew existed. Skye has always thought of herself as a control freak, but something about Braden makes her want to give up her control. She finds herself exploring things she only thought of in the dark, but now that it has been brought to light she feels a sort of obsession growing.

Follow Me Darkly is a seductive read that I think that readers who enjoyed the Fifty Shades of Grey books would like.  This is very definitely a book that is not safe for work with some scenes that are very sexual. Braden is written as someone who demands complete control and Skye wants to be in a relationship with him. She though is trying to understand what this relationship fully includes and how to navigate it. If you are looking for a story that focuses on giving up control this is a book that you will enjoy. You can pre-order your copy of Follow Me Darkly today.

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