Privilege Book Review from @kleffnotes

Daniel Waite is a professor who would appear to be living pretty much the ideal life. He is married to a brilliant and beautiful woman, has tenure, and is admired by faculty and students alike. He even has classes that students flock to in connection to popular media. The issue is that while it might seem great, he is miserable. Privilege showcases how hidden elements of your life can sudden come to a head and change everything.

With the misery inside of him building, Daniel finds himself barely making it through his lectures and wasting time just staring at the movie posters he has in his office. This all changes when his new teaching assistant arrives. Stacy Mann is a bit intense and has an eccentric air to her. They though do have things in common. Both of them feel like outsiders and are cynical in their view of privilege in the university settings. While this gives them something to bond over, he also loves that her movie trivia rivals his. As Daniel learns more about her, he finds himself in a three-day frenzy of morally questionable decisions.

For Dexter fans, both of the books and the television series, you will find yourself loving this book and desperate for the next one. With first hand knowledge of the world of academia, Thomas H. Carry has created a story that uses that and blends it with both humor and a dark sensibility. This is the sort of read that you will want to just sit down and keep reading from start to finish. If you are looking for a read that will keep you on your toes this is the book for you. You can get your copy of Privilege today.

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