3 thoughts on “On 11/06/20 #Dateline Airs The Eastlake Conspiracy via @stacyamiller85 @DatelineNBC

  1. This episode was preempted for election coverage on 11/6/20. Does anyone know when it will be re aired?


  2. I sense the husband/dad was a parental alienator (PA) and most likely the new mom is too. To have the mothers parental rights removed and the daughters get adpoted by his new wife… and that all is fine with children is delussional – is classic text book brain washing. I’m not saying for sure it is, but it is classic PA. When you get rid of their real mother and replace their mother, this harms the children – half of themselves has died and they will continue to die inside. Any fond memories of their mother they will not be allowed to talk about. It is a form of child abuse. Now their real mother has no chance of redemption here. Their adopted mother and father will not allow it. Research shows those who do PA are mentally ill. Research PA – this could be text book Parental Alienation. Do not be fooled by the dad.


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