Harley Quinn Comics Round Up from @kleffnotes

I thought to start your Monday I would share some of the recent Harley related comics I’ve been checking out. Some of them I am a bit behind on so these won’t be super detailed or full of spoilers. Think of this more as a suggestion of comics to check out if you like Harley Quinn. As a quick note, the image for this is a crop of the Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey comic that I haven’t been able to check out yet. It is on my to read list once the graphic novel releases.

The first comic I’ve been reading lately is a sort of return to a series I was reading Suicide Squad is actually about to end/ends today I think an 11 comic storyline. I have so far read 9 of the comics and while Harley isn’t as a big a character in this storyline she is still a core member. Even though she has been minimized, I am loving the new characters that have been introduced. Tom Taylor is the writer for this run and the art by Bruno Redondo with the colors from Adriano Lucas and letters by Wes Abbott bring this story to life. The original Suicide Squad has basically been completely replaced at the start with only Deadshot and Harley still there, even Amanda Waller leaves by the end of issue one. New people have been pulled in and my two favorite are The Aerie and Wink. Both of these new characters were experimented on and met in a facility that had turned them into powered people. The Aerie was given wings and now they can fly and Wink is a thief who has the ability to teleport herself and others anywhere they need to go. I want to dress like Wink and actually currently almost have her haircut, which was fun to notice when I started reading. The Aerie is her partner and in one story she even gets to meet their mother, which was so cute. They have great work dynamic together and massive plus for the appearance of a character who uses they/them pronouns. The story itself is very Suicide Squad with secret deals and shifting allegiances. The end of issue 9 has me desperate to know how the arc ties up.

This next one is fully Harley, but a much different Harley than you might be used to seeing. Batman: White Knight Presents Harley Quinn shows a Harley who not only married The Joker, but also had kids. In this story The Joker is Jack Napier and he meets Harley while she is dancing to pay for her education. The two hit it off and while we don’t get all the backstory here we learn that Harley is friends with Bruce Wayne and that Jack seemed to have two personalities, which is noted through the appearance of heterochromia. That isn’t what normal heterochromia means, but it works for hinting at later changes in his behavior. The Joker may be gone, but his influence isn’t and someone is mimicking his former acts. Film stars well known for black and white movies are being killed and painted to match their movies. Clues point to The Joker, but the only person this could be is Neo Joker, at least Harley thinks that. I’ve only read the first issue, but it was great. Sean Murphy and Katana Collins have created a great story, which is supported by Collins script and Matteo Scalera’s art and Dave Stewarts colors. I definitely need to track down the next issues because this is such a clever story.

For my final comic I wanted to share my thoughts on Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity. I read the first issue of this series ages ago, but managed to track down issues 2-5 more recently. I am still behind, but since I really enjoyed the first issue I thought I’d share some additional thoughts on this series. I gave a very brief mention of this series in another article on The Nerdy Girl Express, but all I did was mention that Harley has a girlfriend in this comic arc who tragically dies. This is part of what propels the story going forward. I really enjoy true crime and crime based stories and seeing Harley in the role of profiler is what really pulled me in. This one is a really cool take on Harley and also a way for true crime folks who might not often think they are into comics to connect with a story.

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