Shine Until Tomorrow Book Review from @kleffnotes

Shine Until Tomorrow is a time travel story full of heart. Carla Malden’s book, which released today, focuses on Mari Caldwell who is eager to start college and leave behind her local anxieties. What she doesn’t expect is a journey to the past that will change everything.

Mari loves her vintage camera and finds herself calmed when she is behind the lens. When she finds an old scrapbook that belongs to her mom she is a bit shocked to learn her parents were hippies. Their white collar lives now don’t seem to even hint a more wild past. After a fight with her mom she bikes off, but during a downpour she has to avoid an accident and winds up crashing into a tree. There is a nearby bus and she manages to climb inside to avoid the rain, but falls asleep. When she wakes up she finds herself surrounded by hippies and winds up going to San Francisco. This decision felt right in the moment, but something seems off. The driver, Jimmy, has been able to calm her, that is until she realizes that it is June 1967. Mari winds up meeting and making friends with a number of people and even falls in love. This journey to the past will change her in a positive way, which is incredibly touching.

Malden has done a fantastic job of creating story of time travel that is really about growing up and learning to focus on the now. Mari as the main character shows tremendous growth throughout the story and as we see it through her eyes we are given the chance to grow as well. The story is fun and heartfelt with a focus on allowing yourself to learn from your experiences. If you are a fan of coming of age reads this one is something you should check out. Also if you like the series Being Erica, this will pleasantly remind you of it. You can get your copy of Shine Until Tomorrow today.

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