A Belated Valentine’s Day Movie Round-Up from @kleffnotes

This Valentine’s Day weekend Krista and I were a bit busy. We did celebrate by taking some us time and enjoying a couple days away at a local hotel. Krista decorated the room so beautifully with both romantic and nerdy decor. She also ordered all of the foods she knows I like from a variety of restaurants in our area and we stayed in watching movies and eating lots of delicious food. We had a friend of Krista’s stay at our house and watch the pups. She also had cats to deal with, but they don’t need as much active monitoring. I thought I would share some of what we watched this weekend, as well as some things we didn’t get a chance to watch because I forgot to pack them. I would have had this go out a bit earlier, but on actual Valentine’s Day we had to get a couch onto our second floor and then figure out how to eat dinner on some sort of flat surface.

The first on this list is a standard for a lot of people, Valentine’s Day, which if you don’t know the plot this next movie will help. We also watched Love Actually, which is out movie. The two have a similar plot set up with multiple stories tying together and showcasing romance and finding love. We watch both every year and Love Actually, while a Christmas movie, is what pushed Krista to ask me out so it really has no season now. I am saving our last Valentine themed movie until the very end because well it is just something that you have to save.

We also made sure to throw in some queer favorites that we pull out all the time. When we used to travel a lot during our relationship we always made sure to pack some of the same movies. These include D.E.B.S., the college spy movie that has the amazing villain Lucy Diamond, and Imagine Me and You. The second is such a sweet movie and we have seen it so many times, but still always love it. In sort of queer adjacent movies, we watched Vampire Academy and Coyote Ugly. The first is both funny and full of vampires so a huge plus for me. Also the two female leads totally need to be a couple, sorry to Rose’s actual love interest plot, but come on. Then Coyote Ugly was in a Should Have Been Gay on Lez Hang Out and I hadn’t seen it in so long. It was fun, but not one of our normal V-Day watches.

We also left two movies we planned to watch at home so they are going to get added in this week when we get a chance, Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U. One year we were in Columbus we saw that the sequel to the campy horror movie was coming out and in slightly different times we used to go to the movies for Valentine’s Day. Since the sequel was coming out Krista bought me the first one and we decided to watch it and then go see the sequel the that weekend. While Krista is normally not a fan of horror she thought they were hilarious.

Now onto that one movie that I have been putting off, Valentine. Oh yes, you read that right, Valentine is the name of the movie and it is one of the weirdest, poorly written things ever. It is a horror movie where friends from 6th grade are being killed by someone in a weird Cupid, it doesn’t look like Cupid, mask. The friends are killed in odd ways and it all turns out it is tied to a 6th grade, yes middle school, dance. This is so bizarre and makes no sense, but Krista showed it to me one year and now I always insist we have to watch it. It stars David Boreanaz and has Katherine Heigl in it for an odd amount of time.

And that is it for now! I also might try and convince Krista to watch Birds of Prey since we saw it last year and I am craving an egg sandwich. The other movie I wanted to quickly throw in, though not review, is the latest To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie. We watched it after moving our couch and having to sit at a plastic table to eat dinner and we both enjoyed it.

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