@ClexaCon Ylva Publishing and Sapphire Books Highlight from @kleffnotes

I have mentioned both Ylva Publishing and Sapphire Books on The Nerdy Girl Express, but as a voracious reader I can’t help myself. I just love talking about books and because both of these noted lesbian book companies are part of ClexaCon again this year I wanted to share some of my favorite reads and other books you can find from them to fit any genre. Continue reading “@ClexaCon Ylva Publishing and Sapphire Books Highlight from @kleffnotes”

American Yakuza Book Review ( @SapphireBooks ) from @kleffnotes

American Yakuza is the first novel in a series focused on Luce Potter, who happens to be not just a high powered corporate woman, but also the new leader of the Yakuza. Though her grandfather is still alive he has chosen to pass on his title of Oyabun. In this role she must make life and death decisions that impact an entire organization, while also maintaining her image has a legal business owner. Brooke Erickson was an investigative journalist who now works at a financial magazine, but when her editor decides she is the best fit for an article about Luce that she finds herself drawn into a web she thought she had escaped from when she returned to the states. Continue reading “American Yakuza Book Review ( @SapphireBooks ) from @kleffnotes”

Fandom to Fantasy Vol 2 @SapphireBooks Review from @kleffnotes

Last year I reviewed the first volume of Fandom to Fantasy from Sapphire Books and this year while at ClexaCon I was able to pick up the second volume. This two volume set was released in 2018 in partnership with ClexaCon and focuses on stories set in convention settings. I enjoyed the first volume and honestly had meant to pick up the second one far earlier than this year. Fans, fan fiction, and fantasy all come together in these stories focuses on queer lovers and their passions for each other and their fandoms. Continue reading “Fandom to Fantasy Vol 2 @SapphireBooks Review from @kleffnotes”

Fandom to Fantasy Vol. 1 Book Review ( @SapphireBooks ) from @kleffnotes

Fandom to Fantasy Vol. 1 from Sapphire Books was created in partnership with ClexaCon, who helped with their call for submissions and hosted a release party at this year’s convention. In this anthology the writers all share romantic stories focused on connections made either at convention or through fandoms. No matter what fandom you are a part of there is a story for you within this book. Continue reading “Fandom to Fantasy Vol. 1 Book Review ( @SapphireBooks ) from @kleffnotes”

ClexaCon 2019 Concerns and Coverage from @kleffnotes

As a member of the press and someone who has covered ClexaCon previously, and even relatively recently, I feel I must discuss some of my thoughts about the current issues, as well as some previous issues, I am having with the convention. While I could present my thoughts through Twitter, as I have this platform I felt an article would better suit my needs. The Nerdy Girl Express is also where I have shared this coverage and including this article would allow for direct reference on the site. Continue reading “ClexaCon 2019 Concerns and Coverage from @kleffnotes”

@ClexaCon Countdown: Partners Highlight from @kleffnotes

With ClexaCon getting closer and closer I wanted to highlight some of the groups that are making the convention possible. For 2018 they have a number of partners who are working with them to bring some great LGBT+ content to fans. I will explain each of the partners and will share some brief elements for those I interacted with at previous conventions. Continue reading “@ClexaCon Countdown: Partners Highlight from @kleffnotes”