#Deadpool Character Profile from @CoffeeZ0mbie

It is official. It’s a confirmed thing. It is in progress as we speak. Or, er, read? Either way, Deadpool 2 is coming into our lives. Now, I’m total trash for Deadpool. He’s my baby. I’ll protect him with my life, even if he’s the one threatening it. Which causes several questions about my own level of sanity, but, for the sake of my own lack of wanting to acknowledge the slippery slope I’m on, I’m choosing to ignore this. Wade Wilson has been a favourite of mine for some time, from his witty remarks to his shades of grey way of thinking, he’s a character I can obsessively read and watch without ever feeling annoyed, bored, or like I’m experiencing a really bad cliché. Continue reading “#Deadpool Character Profile from @CoffeeZ0mbie”