Birthday Giving Giveaway with @freegolaw and @kleffnotes

My birthday is this month and I wanted to do another giveaway to celebrate. I’m hoping to help a lot of people and Krista is helping me to make this giveaway great. Continue reading “Birthday Giving Giveaway with @freegolaw and @kleffnotes”


The Wicked Righteous #1 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

The Wicked Righteous is a series set after a massive apocalyptic cataclysm that has devastated the Earth’s population. A virulent illness has wreaked havoc on society and led to two divisions of survivors, one set of which includes four brothers named after the Gospels of the Bible who find themselves in an unexpected situation. Continue reading “The Wicked Righteous #1 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes”

Kleffnotes Guide to @PreacherAMC Season 2 Episode 8 from @kleffnotes

Everyone’s dealing with a little bit of their own personal hell this week. Jesse is trying to track down God with a dvd, Tulip is steal having nightmares, Cassidy is trying to figure out how to handle Dennis, and Eugene is in well, actual Hell. Here’s my recap and thoughts on this week’s latest episode of Preacher. Continue reading “Kleffnotes Guide to @PreacherAMC Season 2 Episode 8 from @kleffnotes”

@SShinComics Issues #1 and #1.5 Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Samurai Shin is a manga style series that examines two young warriors, Keith and Amir, who want to prove themselves as strong and confident samurai. While they have the same goal these young men find themselves at odds in the attempt to achieve their goals. As boys they fought in a match and have been bitter rivals ever since Amir defeated Keith. Issue 1 examines Amir and issue 1.5 looks more at Keith and what led to their diverging paths. Continue reading “@SShinComics Issues #1 and #1.5 Comic Review from @kleffnotes”

New Single “Lightning” from @janapochop Song Recommendation from @kleffnotes

Austin based songwriter Jana Pochop has released a new single “Lightning” that evokes feelings of love and longing through her beautiful lyrics paired with a gorgeous cello accompaniment. This single follows up her 2014 EP Throats Are Quarries, both of which were produced by Daniel Barrett. “Lightning” showcases Pochop’s talent of blending fearlessness and vulnerability within her lyrics.  Continue reading “New Single “Lightning” from @janapochop Song Recommendation from @kleffnotes”