Pre-Order February Releases for @ALTERNACOMICS (December Previews) from @kleffnotes

The following comics Alterna Comics will release in February and can be found and pre-ordered in December Previews. Continue reading “Pre-Order February Releases for @ALTERNACOMICS (December Previews) from @kleffnotes”


METAPHASE, a graphic novel which features the world’s first superhero with Down syndrome, goes back to print! ( @ALTERNACOMICS )

Alterna Comics is proud to announce that the METAPHASE graphic novel by Chip Reece, Kelly Williams, and Peter Simeti, has sold out and is going back to print to fill a surge in demand. Continue reading “METAPHASE, a graphic novel which features the world’s first superhero with Down syndrome, goes back to print! ( @ALTERNACOMICS )”

Lilith Dark #4 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

Lilith Dark #4 is the conclusion of a wonderfully imaginative and action packed series that focuses on our young title character. Lilith is trying to escape from the beasties inside a surprisingly dangerous tree, but she’s not alone. Her older siblings, Dewey and Becky, have also found themselves drawn into the adventure. With twists and turns like you wouldn’t believe this issue shows Lilith in her finest beastie battling form. Continue reading “Lilith Dark #4 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes”

Amazing Age #4 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

In the fourth issue of Amazing Age the Statue of Liberty has been destroyed by the nefarious Stilted Seven. S.A.V.E., one of our team of heroes, decides to investigate the blast, which leaves the young and still not fully trained members of J.E.T., Sam, Mike and Violet, to hide out back at headquarters under the watchful eye of two trained heroes. With the teams split up the villains take their chance to attack those who are fated to destroy them. Continue reading “Amazing Age #4 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes”

Mr. Crypt #2 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

In Mr. Crypt #2 our delightful undead friend returns, but this time he has some spooky business to deal with. Vampires have arrived in his town and the brave skeleton decides to team up with a vampire hunter to protect the people around him. This cute and spooky series is the perfect read for all ages. Continue reading “Mr. Crypt #2 @ALTERNACOMICS Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes”

Doppleganger #1 @ALTERNASERIES Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes

How would you react if you met someone who looked exactly like you? After a car accident Dennis Zimmann wakes up concussed and facing off with an evil that wants to take over his life. In Doppleganger #1 Dennis deals with this dangerous duplicate and finds himself thrown into something he never expected. Continue reading “Doppleganger #1 @ALTERNASERIES Newsprint Review from @kleffnotes”

@IFAnthology: Crime @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes

The IF Anthologies are always full of talented and interesting work from a variety of comic creators. As a lover of mysteries and crime based stories I was beyond excited to learn that the latest addition would be Crime. Within this collected volume there are stories for everyone, even those who do not have a penchant for stories full of murder, death, and drama like I do. Continue reading “@IFAnthology: Crime @ALTERNACOMICS Review from @kleffnotes”