Techromancy Scrolls: Avalon Book Review ( @erikschubach ) from @kleffnotes

Laney and Celeste are back in the latest addition to the Techromancy Scrolls series, subtitled Avalon. After the discovery of a people who cannot do magic, but instead have the use of what readers would consider modern technology, the people of Sparo and the Gypsy populations are attempting to deal with what has been determined to be an act of war. In an attempt to avoid further deaths and destruction peace talks are being attempted, but these talks lead to a number of changes for all of the people of these changing world. Continue reading “Techromancy Scrolls: Avalon Book Review ( @erikschubach ) from @kleffnotes”

GoodCopBadCop Book Review from @kleffnotes

Set in Scotland, GoodCopBadCop introduces CI Brian Fisher. This particular Chief Inspector struggles to maintain his professional behavior while at work, but not in a way that can be easily hidden. Fisher instead finds himself shifting into uncontrollable behavior which is often provoked by the criminals he comes in contact with. Based on a graphic novel of the same name GoodCopBadCop presents a story that highlights how what lurks inside may not always wish to stay contained. Continue reading “GoodCopBadCop Book Review from @kleffnotes”

My Life in a Cat House Book Review from @kleffnotes

Gwen Cooper loves all of her furry family member, one of whom even became a social media icon after saving her from an intruder. Her book My Life in a Cat House came together from her work on A Curl Up with a Cat Tale, stories about her cats, and in this first volume she shares stories of the many cats from her life, including the social media famous Homer. If you are a lover of furry things, specifically cats, this book is the perfect read for you. Continue reading “My Life in a Cat House Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Homer and the Holiday Miracle Book Review from @kleffnotes

The internet famous sightless cat Homer returns in another story focused on his miraculous life. At fifteen years old the cat who once saved his human mom from a burglar in the middle of the night suddenly collapses and his family rushes to try and save him. With very negative news, Homer’s mother and author of the books focused on his life, Gwen Cooper, worries that he won’t survive, but in Homer and the Holiday Miracle her wonder cat continues to surprise her. Continue reading “Homer and the Holiday Miracle Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Ship It Book Review ( @brittashipsit ) from @kleffnotes

Ship It is a book I have been hearing about for over a year. I know it hasn’t even been out that long, but seriously I know I had heard about it way before it ever released. Britta Lundin, who happens to be connected to one of my current television obsessions on The CW, announced that she would have a book coming out focusing on fandom and fanfiction titled Ship It. I had the chance to briefly chat with her at ClexaCon, but wasn’t luck enough to win a book and when I got back to small town Ohio I could not find a copy of it anywhere. I searched high and low and finally, after a bit of a wait, managed to snag one of the digital copies of it through my public library. Ship It is so much more than I ever imagined and the characters are so much more complex than I ever could have guessed just from the book description. I was completely glued to my screen the entire time I was reading. Continue reading “Ship It Book Review ( @brittashipsit ) from @kleffnotes”

The Summer of Jordi Perez Book Review ( @theames )from @kleffnotes

The weather has gotten a bit chilly where I am and that means it is the perfect time to curl up with a cozy book, especially one set in the far warmer month of Summer in California. I have been trying to get my hands on The Summer of Jordi Perez for months. After seeing a table devoted to it and Ship It, which I also plan to review, at ClexaCon this year I was looking for it everywhere. Finally I managed to track it down through a local library app, Libby. When in doubt library it out I guess! Continue reading “The Summer of Jordi Perez Book Review ( @theames )from @kleffnotes”

Gus’ Fortunate Misfortune Book Review from @kleffnotes

While searching for food a young mouse finds himself in danger. Little Gus was just hungry and the delicious muffin he found led him to be trapped in a box with no chance of escape. As he worries that he might be doomed, a series of unexpectedly fortunate events help Gus to make a new ally and find a new home in the very sweet children’s book, Gus’ Fortunate Misfortune. Continue reading “Gus’ Fortunate Misfortune Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Hello Angel Inspirational Planner Book Review from @kleffnotes

Fox Chapel Publishing, a publisher that creates a variety of detailed art books that I have reviewed previously, has released a brand new planner that will help to bring a little light to every day. The Hello Angel Inspirational Planner is illustrated by the same talented artist who has worked on a variety of their projects before, Angelea Van Dam. Unlike most traditional planners this book is perfect for any month of the year and can be used for more than just planning out your day. Continue reading “Hello Angel Inspirational Planner Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets Audible Review( @audible_com ) from @kleffnotes

Pssst, come closer, yes you, come here, I’ve got something to tell you. Now that I’ve got your attention let me share a bit of a secret with you, well actually I’ve got a few secrets for you all about Victorian England from the engaging Stephen Fry. If you love a bit of drama and have always found yourself yearning to learn more about the Victorian Period in England, Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets, only available on Audible, is the perfect listen for you. Continue reading “Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets Audible Review( @audible_com ) from @kleffnotes”

An Improbable Pairing Book Review from @kleffnotes

Scott Stoddard is about to start a new life in Switzerland to delve into his graduate studies, that is until his path crosses that of the Countess de Rovere. The divorced socialite is not only out of his league, but he believes her to be older than an acceptable partner should be in the year 1963. No matter how many other women he meets and tries to begin relationships with he cannot shake his desire to be with the Countess. An Improbable Pairing follows Scott on his quest to be with the woman outside of his class within continental Europe. Continue reading “An Improbable Pairing Book Review from @kleffnotes”