Savant Graphic Novel Review from @kleffnotes

You may have noticed I have not been super present on The Nerdy Girl Express and that admittedly is because it has been exceptionally busy around here. You would not believe how much time two puppies, plus two dogs and two cats, take up. That doesn’t even include working my very busy day job and trying to spend time with my wife. This does mean that I am often lucky to even get one or two articles up in a month. That is definitely much different than what used to be my 5 days a week posting. Back to the matter at hand though, I have a belated review that I admittedly am entirely at fault for the delay on. I somehow wrote that Savant was releasing in April, when in fact this graphic novel returned to shelves in March of 2022.

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As You Look Book Review from @kleffnotes

I love a book focused on a private investigator and that fact that As You Look is not only a PI, but a lesbian PI, made me immediately more intrigued. Written by Veronica Gutierrez, who is herself a part of the LGBTQ community and was born and raised in Boyle Heights, the setting of the novel, is something that should immediately make any reader excited. When you can read a story that connects with the writer’s own story, even if she is not a PI, means that you will be given something you can fully immerse yourself in and you know is rooted in real moments they have experienced. With my favorite type of investigator in the helm I was definitely excited to start reading.

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Don’t Get Close Book Review from @kleffnotes

Don’t Get Close by Matt Miksa came out this month and I finally have a chance to share my review of the book. I have had this book prepped and ready to read for weeks and have been so excited to delve into it, but as it seems will always happen this year, life got a bit in the way. Now that I’ve finally been able to sit down and write up my thoughts I am excited to share this thrilling read with all of you. Prepare yourself for an intriguing read with cults, deadly plans, and a psychiatrist performing hypnotherapy.

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The Paid Bridesmaid Book Review from @kleffnotes

Does time not seem real to the rest of you? I had planned to have this review up during the first week of January, but I found myself contending with a very heightened schedule and only just managed to get The Paid Bridesmaid completed. This fun rom-com read was something I was really looking forward to, but it just took ages for me to carve out time to get this read. With the weather continuing to be frigid where I am and 2022 already flying by, this bit of escapist reading is perfect. This book has been out since January 1st, which means you can find it anywhere that you buy your books.

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Treachery Times Two Book Review from @kleffnotes

You have probably noticed that I was away from actively writing for a much longer period of time than I have ever taken. My ability to get articles posted has drastically changed in the past year. When we started the site and for a few years I would try and post something every single day, which I really enjoyed. As things changed I found myself posting twice or three times a week and then in some cases just once a week. Right before Christmas I was able to get a few articles out, but then the closer to January it got and then into January my schedule became far busier than it has been in ages. My day job hit the busiest time of the year and I found myself drained once the work day ended. We also brought home two puppies in early January and they take up a lot of time just the two of them. That combined with our two dogs and our own responsibilities, Krista sometimes works nights and I work the occasional weekend, which means very little down time that doesn’t involve just eating and doing chores around the house. I am trying to get caught up on an impressive backlog of requested reviews. I do apologize for those who reached out for coverage, but I will be doing my best going forward to try and get everything done in the timeline that I originally planned.

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True Teryn Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Last Lumenian series by S.G. Blaise has received fabulous reviews with just the release of the first book and readers should be excited to hear that the second book, True Teryn, is out now. The series focuses on Lilla and in this second book she will have to deal with some of the most difficult beings, gods. If you are a fan of fantasy and sci-fi is a series you will want to know more about.

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Doizemaster: Phantasm Creed Book Review from @kleffnotes

Doizemaster: Phantasm Creed is the first novel by debut author Tony M. Quintana. This steampunk inspired fantasy read ticks so many of my favorite genre boxes that I couldn’t pass it up. Through fun banter and powerful worldbuilding Quintana has created a read that will keep you hooked. If you love steampunk and fantasy this coming of age story is definitely one for you.

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I’m Not Single, I Have a Dog Book Review from @kleffnotes

Susan Hartzler at the age of 60 has learned to love the single life, even embrace it to the fullest. Just so long as she has good friends and a dog or two at her side. I’m Not Single, I Have a Dog shares personal stories from Hartzler showcasing learning to care for yourself first as you contend with the ups and downs of romantic love.

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The Shape of Crete Book Review from @kleffnotes

Would you like to venture to the shores of Greece? With the weather getting colder it is the perfect time to delve into sort of warmer escapist reads. I personally love finding a book that will make me feel a bit transported, especially once the cold weather months start to set in. The Shape of Crete is a thrilling drama and passionate love story that will pull you into the past.

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Trials of Adaline Turner Book Review from @kleffnotes

Do you love a good rom-com? Then you definitely need to read this review. Trials of Adeline Turner is the latest book by author Angela Terry, who you might recognize as the author of Charming Falls Apart. This new book focuses on Adeline Turner and her journey through life’s twists and turns when things become suddenly more complicated.

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