Disbanded Kingdom Book Review ( @CLBPressUK ) from @kleffnotes

Disbanded Kingdom focuses on a young man named Oscar who is struggling to find himself. Through late nights and his passing thoughts readers are connected to a young man on a journey of discovery. This stream of consciousness narrative examines life during a moment of extreme change and allows for you to travel Oscar’s path with him. Continue reading “Disbanded Kingdom Book Review ( @CLBPressUK ) from @kleffnotes”


Recipe for a Delicious Life Book Review from @kleffnotes

Celebrity Chef Zipora Einav shares her masterful knowledge of food through her own unique blend of wisdom and wit in her book Recipe for a Delicious Life. Within these pages she shares her personal experiences and recipes, but also shares so much more through the use of additional resources that elevate the book into a full experience that had briefly been limited to only personal interactions with Chef Zipora. Continue reading “Recipe for a Delicious Life Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Shaman Express Book Review ( @BenedicteRouss @yacarevolador )from @kleffnotes

Shaman Express is written by Omar Beretta and Bénédicte Rousseau, who felt an instant connection when they met at a Shamanic workshop in 2015. In their novel they examine the quest for enlightenment with fictionalized versions of themselves as the main characters. Shaman Express examines provocative topics through a frequently humorous lens as the fictional Omar and Bénédicte travel the world in search of who they are and the peace of enlightenment. Continue reading “Shaman Express Book Review ( @BenedicteRouss @yacarevolador )from @kleffnotes”

Red Hood: The Hunt Book Review from @kleffnotes

In a world where a third of the population has been turned into werewolves, Detective Daria McQueen protects Seattle from the onslaught of unthinking beasts. One night while working a Howler Shift during the full moon, Daria meets a mysterious woman known in urban legend as Red Hood. Wolf attacks are rising and with an important discussion occurring connected to much needed protective silver Daria finds herself growing closer to this mysterious woman. Continue reading “Red Hood: The Hunt Book Review from @kleffnotes”

A Shadow Away Book Review from @kleffnotes

A Shadow Away, the first book in the Alex Cort Adventures series, introduces readers to Alex Cort, a private detective with a love for adventure and artifacts. When he receives a call from an old friend, Andrew Seaton, Cort finds himself traveling to the Amazon River on the quest for the fabled city of El Dorado. This adventure novel blends action and intrigue with the magical idea of other dimensions that make Cort’s work even more dangerous and exciting. Continue reading “A Shadow Away Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Daimonion, Book One of the Apocalypse Book Review ( @Canuckbear88) from @kleffnotes

J.P. Jackson creates a world of demonic beings that will shock you with surprising twists and turns in Daimonion. This book is the first in a series focused on the Apocalypse and moves between the voices of a variety of characters who are all connected through a maleficent force. Our primary voice, who introduces us to the world of the series, is Dati, a demon who is tasked with the job of awakening the demonic energies inside children for his Master. While he is a demon there is a touch of humanity inside of him that leads him to try and protect one specific human at all costs. Continue reading “Daimonion, Book One of the Apocalypse Book Review ( @Canuckbear88) from @kleffnotes”

Raised by Unicorns Book Review ( @cleispress ) from @kleffnotes

Frank Lowe, who you might recognize as the man behind the Twitter account @GayAtHomeDad, has edited the collection, Raised by Unicorns, that focuses on LGBTQ families. As a divorced gay dad, Lowe has been very dedicated to working to help others in the community. He also is an exceptionally devoted dad and his son included a brief passage within his introduction to act as a transition into the book. Continue reading “Raised by Unicorns Book Review ( @cleispress ) from @kleffnotes”

Dying Well Book Review from @kleffnotes

Dying Well: Our Journey of Love and Loss by Susan Ducharme Hoben is a touching memoir that recounts her feelings of love and loss in connection to her husband, Bruce. This work focuses on their lives together beginning with her own cancer treatments in 2000 and moving on to focus on the diagnosis of Bruce in 2008. It is a beautiful true story that wonderfully reflects the love between these two people during their relationship. Continue reading “Dying Well Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Think Happy to Stay Happy Book Review from @kleffnotes

Think Happy to Stay Happy is designed to help you grow a positive attitude by helping you to daily work on building yourself up. This book full of positive affirmations and optimistic actions put together by Becca Anderson is a read that can fit in your pocket or purse and help you to find the bright side to every day. Continue reading “Think Happy to Stay Happy Book Review from @kleffnotes”