Midnight House Book Review from @kleffnotes

Midnight House is a sequel to the YA thriller, The Field. Ian Dawson uses his own experiences to create stories that will keep readers enthralled. His work reaches into his own darkest moments, but he uses his experiences to create works that are complex and examine the implications of traumatic events on human behavior.

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The Seat Filler Book Review from @kleffnotes

From the author of Roommaid, The Seat Filler is a cute rom-com style read by Sariah Wilson. Inspired by her own celebrity encounter with Adam Driver this fun read is perfect to hunker down with for a quick day binge of adorable romance. If you are a fan of rom-coms this is the perfect read for you.

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Dead Sprint Book Review from @kleffnotes

The author Caroline Fardig reached out to me about my interest in reviewing her new book in the Ellie Matthews series and I of course said yes. I really enjoyed Eye for an Eye, the first book in the series and also the second, so reviewing this one was a no brainer. Dead Sprint is not out until mid-May, but I wanted to showcase it in plenty of time for pre-order.

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Treasure Seekers Book Review from @kleffnotes

Treasure Seekers is the third novel in the Transylvanian Trilogy by Roberta Seret. It won’t be out until April 27th, but I wanted to give you plenty of time to pre-order. This historical fiction work involves actual events and real people and much like the previous two books Seret is able to blend these seamlessly with her overarching story.

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Don’t Lose Your Head Book Review from @kleffnotes

If you love Six the musical then this comedic take on the lives of the many wives of Henry the Eighth should be on your immediate read list. Don’t Lose Your Head showcases each of the six wives and their stories, told in their own imagined words. If you are looking for a funny and historically inspired read this is a review for you.

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An American Covenant Book Review from @kleffnotes

An American Covenant is the debut work by author Lucile Scott. This is a book that I immediately wanted to read because I literally spent my entire undergrad period researching witches and the historical concept of witchcraft. Instead of examining the United States I was focused on trials in France and England that took place even before the colonization of the US. If you are interested in the topic of witchcraft in any way you should keep reading.

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The Last Carolina Sister from @kleffnotes

As the title may indicate, The Last Carolina Sister, is the third and last book in The Magnolia Sisters series. Much like the previous books in the series you can read this as a standalone if you have not yet checked out the rest of the series. This is the cozy sort of read that is perfect for either a cold day, if you are still experiencing the joys of winter, or as a nice escape from the stress of your day to day life.

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Ruthless Women Book Review from @kleffnotes

Love soap operas and daytime TV dramas? Then Ruthless Women is a book you need to check out. On this trip behind the scenes of Falcon Bay, a fictional soap opera created for this story, readers will be made privy to all the drama and scandal that lives in the real world outside of the series. This won’t be out until April 1st, but this is a book you’ll be eager to pre-order.

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