Happy Birthday James Read via @stacyamiller85 @jamzread #NorthandSouth #GeneralHospital #Charmedvia @stacyamiller85 #NorthandSouth

July 31 is actor James Read’s birthday.

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So Many Angels Book Review from @kleffnotes

So Many Angels: A Family Crisis and the Community That Got Us Through It is the story of author Diane Stelfox Cook and her family’s journey forward after something completely unexpected happened to them. One night while with her two sons she receives a call from her husband that throws her world into turmoil. From that moment things just seem to get worse, but she and her family are never alone. In this story of strength, Cook shares how her community rallied around her and her boys in the moment they needed someone most. Continue reading “So Many Angels Book Review from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Telling Tales in the Dark from @kleffnotes

I’ve been playing a little bit of television catch up now that my schedule is a little bit more flexible. Recently I finally watched Tales of the City, the recent limited series on Netflix, and the new CW show, In The Dark. While that second show isn’t focused on a queer character, her best friend identifies as a lesbian and I wanted to delve into her role. This article is a bit of a catch all since these shows aren’t exactly connected to each other, but that’s sometimes how my watching catch up goes. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Telling Tales in the Dark from @kleffnotes”

Interview With Tish Tindall aka The Fabulous TT via @stacyamiller85 @TheFabTT @TishTindall

Tish Tindall (known as The Fabulous TT) is a Scottish composer that has made a name for herself in musical theater. Tindall was born in Glasgow and grew up in Aberdeenshire. The Scottish performer has a array of talent in variety of musical instruments and is accomplished on piano, cello, guitar and percussion as well as vocals. She is comfortable on stage and has a commanding presence. Along with Diane Aspinall, Tish co-founded the Scottish Performing Arts College and Theatre School Lossie Entertainment Academy, which helps to teach the next generation of musicians.

Tish has created a musical based on Scottish poet Robert Burns titled Robert Burns: The Musical. She took the time from her schedule to answer The Nerdy Girl Express’ questions about this musical as well as what influenced her to pursue a career in music and composing. She is insightful and passionate.  Read below to find out what she had to say.

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