#JaneTheVirgin Chapter Forty-Seven Preview via @stacyamiller85 @CWJaneTheVirgin

The biggest question for tonight’s question is whether it is the end of Jane the Virgin as Michael’s doctor have given the okay for the couple to finally consummate their marriage.

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Interview With Actor and Author @KyleTCowan via @tdmiller820917

Kyle T. Cowan is an actor, author, director, and producer. Whether it is thrilling viewers with performances in Preacher and other roles, or using his writing talent to tackle a issue like depression with compassion and sensitivity in his upcoming book Sunshine is Forever, the multi-faceted Cowan has so much to offer. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kyle T. Cowan. Read what he had to say below.

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Jared Padalecki To Appear On Live With Kelly! on 11/7 via @tdmiller820917

With just three episodes aired in its twelfth season that began on October 13th, Supernatural is already providing high emotional intensity. Sam Winchester endured both mental and physical torture at the hands of British Men of Letters disciple Lady Toni. Add to the mix the recent resurrection of Winchester matriarch Mary (Samantha Smith) and viewers have been provided with gut wrenching moments.

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Writing for @thenerdygirlexp Has Been A Great Treat via @tdmiller820917 #Happy1stAnniversaryNGE

As a host of witches, ghosts, pirates, and others parade across various cities and towns on this Halloween with that familiar appeal of trick or treat, I celebrate The Nerdy Girl Express on its first anniversary. Writing for The Nerdy Girl Express has been a great treat.

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Interview with Seed of the Sunflower author @LisaNEdwards via @tdmiller820917

Lisa N. Edwards has taken readers on an incredible journey guided by Fate with a destination of self discovery in her Can’t Fight Fate book series. Beginning with the marvelous book Can’t Fight Fate and its equally powerful sequel Chasing Butterflies, readers followed the life of Hollywood entertainment lawyer Nikki Kirkpatrick and her search for her green-eyed soul mate foretold by psychics. We were privy to Nikki’s innermost thoughts and met the people in her life that shaped her life . Now, in the final book in the memorable trilogy, the riveting Seed of the Sunflower, we see Nikki experience personal and professional highs and lows all leading to an unexpectedly dramatic conclusion. I recently interviewed Lisa N. Edwards about Seed of the Sunflower. Read what she had to say below.

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