Versus Review from @ImmieBroods

There are 666 portals that connect this world to the other side. These are concealed from all human beings. Somewhere in Japan exists the 444th portal, the forest of resurrection. Continue reading “Versus Review from @ImmieBroods”


Death Proof Movie Review from @ImmieBroods

The second half of my Grindhouse films review, Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. Cars, a creepy antagonist played by a Hollywood legend and a cool soundtrack? This is where I should make a car pun, but I won’t. Continue reading “Death Proof Movie Review from @ImmieBroods”

Grindhouse Films Review: Planet Terror from @ImmieBroods

Zombies? Shady characters? Gory? A chef who claims he has the best bbq sauce? Yes, i’ve decided to review the Grindhouse films. Let’s start with Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror. It just begins with a fake trailer for a film called Machete. Due to a cult following, Machete became a film and got itself a sequel. Continue reading “Grindhouse Films Review: Planet Terror from @ImmieBroods”

Michigan Based Horror Movie @RuinMeMovie Screening at @FrightFest and @WIHFF from @kleffnotes

Ruin Me focuses on reluctant final girl, Alexandra, who agrees to take part in a horror themed camping weekend where willing participants get to be part their very own slasher experience. Alexandra’s boyfriend has signed the two of them up for Slasher Sleepout, a combination escape room, haunted house, and outdoor excursion event. Before the weekend is over everyone in their party winds up thrust into something way more horrifying than they ever could have expected. Continue reading “Michigan Based Horror Movie @RuinMeMovie Screening at @FrightFest and @WIHFF from @kleffnotes”

#Damien Finale ‘Ave Satani’ Proves that @AETV should #RenewDamien via @quietlikeastorm

Throughout all my reviews of the first season of Damien, I have maintained that it is a very smart horror show. It wasn’t about the blood and guts that is so popular in today’s horror and it wasn’t about the jump scares and screaming attractive teenagers of yesteryear either. Damien has been able to not only bring in the best of those elements, but also make something entirely its own. It was hard for many to wrap their heads around it at first. They wanted it spoon fed to them. Why think about an antichrist that has a conscience and may not want to do this or even believe it, when he could be out taking over the world already? Now, now, now. I like that showrunner Glen Mazzara and his writers rejected this and instead brought us the thinker that is Damien.

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@jarpad Jared Padalecki in Friday the 13th via @tdmiller820917

After a long week, the good news is that it’s Friday. The bad news is that it’s Friday the 13th. For the superstitious, time to avoid those black cats and walking under ladders.

I’m not overly superstitious. But I admit that I find myself being a little bit more cautious on Friday the 13th. Yet, there is a way that I like to put a positive spin on this infamous date. I plan to watch Jared Padalecki in the movie Friday the13th.

I’ve been a huge fan of Jared Padalecki since he first appeared as Dean Forester on Gilmore Girls. In 2005, Padalecki became one of the demon hunting Winchester brothers, this time as Sam to Jensen Ackles’ Dean in The CW’s long running show Supernatural.

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