The Ice Cream Truck Movie Review from @kleffnotes

Mary just moved back to the town she grew up in and is trying to adjust to suburbia. For the first time in ages she is alone, but only because her kids are still in school. As a writer she has the flexibility to move earlier than the rest of her family and get the house set up. What strikes her about this new neighborhood is that there is an ice cream truck that drives through almost all day long. With strange neighbors and this ice cream truck circling Mary isn’t exactly feeling at ease in her new home.

The Ice Cream Truck is an independent horror film from Megan Freels Johnson, the granddaughter of author Elmore Leonard and one of the leading female filmmakers in Hollywood right now. This movie examines secrets in suburbia through not only Mary’s attempts to understand her neighbors, but also through the carnage of the ice cream man. I was exceptionally curious about this movie, particularly because of a comic book that I read titled The Ice Cream Man. That particular series is not only horror, but has a bit of a science fiction element to it for those of you who are looking for a frightening read. Everyone in Mary’s new neighborhood seems just a little bit off. The women she encounters are all a bit nosy and one is so desperate for information that she neurotically does odd yard work to watch Mary. On top of that all of the men are a bit creepy. Two delivery man stare at Mary and one even finds a way to see her only in her bra. Later there is an 18 year old, who recently graduated from high school, that thinks she is cool and finds ways to spend time with her. With all of this going on the man who drives the ice cream truck is slowly killing people who choose to order from him.

The Ice Cream Truck really culminates on Mary’s final night alone in the neighborhood. When she decides to indulge in some bad behavior she finds herself in the path of the ice cream man’s evil deeds. This movie blends a bit of the slasher genre with an element of suspicion. The neighborhood Mary is in seems inherently strange and untrustworthy, which makes the inclusion of this strange ice cream man and his truck somehow natural. if you are a fan of slow burn horror you should check out The Ice Cream Truck today.

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