Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets Audible Review( @audible_com ) from @kleffnotes

Pssst, come closer, yes you, come here, I’ve got something to tell you. Now that I’ve got your attention let me share a bit of a secret with you, well actually I’ve got a few secrets for you all about Victorian England from the engaging Stephen Fry. If you love a bit of drama and have always found yourself yearning to learn more about the Victorian Period in England, Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets, only available on Audible, is the perfect listen for you. Continue reading “Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets Audible Review( @audible_com ) from @kleffnotes”

An Improbable Pairing Book Review from @kleffnotes

Scott Stoddard is about to start a new life in Switzerland to delve into his graduate studies, that is until his path crosses that of the Countess de Rovere. The divorced socialite is not only out of his league, but he believes her to be older than an acceptable partner should be in the year 1963. No matter how many other women he meets and tries to begin relationships with he cannot shake his desire to be with the Countess. An Improbable Pairing follows Scott on his quest to be with the woman outside of his class within continental Europe. Continue reading “An Improbable Pairing Book Review from @kleffnotes”