#iZombie Co-Creator Diane Ruggiero-Wright Interview with @kleffnotes ( @iZombieWriters @rugz19 )

It was a dark and stormy night, seriously a pop thunderstorm poured down moments before I called talented writer and Co-Creator of iZombie Diane Ruggiero-Wright. After a couple of tech glitches, a little bit of puppy pee, and a wonderful conversation about detective television shows I was able to pick the brain of one of the people behind the creation of the show that brought the writers of The Nerdy Girl Express together.

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Interview With @DavidHaydnJones #Supernatural ‘s Mr. Ketch via @stacyamiller85 @cw_spn

In Season 12, The CW’s Supernatural introduced us to the elusive Mr. Arthur Ketch, a suave, yet dangerous operative with the British Men of Letters (BMOL).  Mr. Ketch was the person who the BMOL called whenever a situation got out of hand. Ketch is the eliminator of problems and is relied upon to make sure difficulties are dealt with i.e. oftentimes, this means permanently removing a person by killing them.  But Arthur Ketch is more than a gun for hire.  He’s a complicated man who viewers are slowly starting to get to know.  Ketch believes in honor and follows the BMOL’s twisted code without question.

Actor David Haydn-Jones portrays Arthur Ketch to perfection.  And in a short time, Haydn-Jones has endeared himself to Supernatural fans. He has taken Ketch and made him more than a villain and foil for Sam and Dean Winchester. Here is a layered character and through David Haydn-Jones’ acting talents, we look forward to peeling back these layers.

Haydn-Jones took time from his busy Supernatural shooting schedule to answer The Nerdy Girl Express’ questions on his fascinating character.  Read on to find out what he had to say.

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Interview With Actress @Carrie_Genzel via @tdmiller820917 #Supernatural @cw_spn

Carrie Genzel has explored numerous characters in so many genres; she is a skilled actress with a flair for both comedy and drama. From her critically acclaimed role as Skye Chandler in the long running daytime drama All My Children in the 1990s, to a slew of guest and recurring roles on television, to a solid film career, Carrie Genzel is a much sought after actress. Supernatural fans know her best for her very memorable turns in the episodes “Bugs”and “Just My Imagination.” I recently had the pleasure of speaking with her about her impressive acting career. Read what she had to say below.

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Interview with The Black Ledger author @TheDGAllen via @tdmiller820917

D.G. Allen’s debut novel The Black Ledger is a powerful book that crosses multiple genres. On the surface, the book appears to be a crime thriller. Allen masterfully handles the crime elements through descriptive writing, realistic dialogue, foreshadowing and suspense hooks. Yet, he also goes a step further with themes of racism, adversity and love interwoven throughout the narrative. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing D.G. Allen. He talked about his incredible writing journey in interpreting his real life experiences and turning them into The Black Ledger.  Read what he had to say below.

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Interview With Dead Club: The Case of the Sad Girl author @JoBelleCee via @tdmiller820917

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing JB Coffman about her recently released book Dead Club: The Case of the Sad Girl. This book is a delightful mixture of crime thriller, mystery, paranormal, romance and suspense. It offers a nice balance of humor and horror. Read below to learn what she had to say about her writing journey with this book.
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Interview With Actress, Artist and Author @JennaRoseSimon via @tdmiller820917

Jenna Rose Simon is a talented actress and artist. Her art, in particular, has commanded much deserved accolades and recognition for its beauty and for bringing awareness to the issue of emotional and verbal abuse. For the silent survivors of various forms of abuse, Simon has become a compassionate voice of empowerment throughout social media.
Simon recently released a new book “Unbroken: An Art Book: My Journey So Far, Plus 20 Feel Good Drawing Activities.”

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Interview with Josh Stewart On His Film Back Fork (@JOSHSTEWART @BackForkFilm) by @erinwise82

Actor Josh Stewart has written a screenplay on something he’s incredibly passionate about; the opioid epidemic sweeping across America, called Back Fork. It tells the story of a couple who suffer a tragedy, that bears too much weight, and the only thing that eases the pain is prescription pills. Josh not only wrote the movie, he also is directing and starring in it as well. AJ Cook (Criminal Minds) will also be starring in this film as “Nida”, Josh’s character’s “Waylon’s” wife.   Continue reading “Interview with Josh Stewart On His Film Back Fork (@JOSHSTEWART @BackForkFilm) by @erinwise82”