The Bi Line: Ending Pride with Some Recommendations from @kleffnotes

Pride is coming to an end technically, though really shouldn’t we just be celebrating our identities every month? As someone who has never lived near a place that does a Pride event, the closest was about an hour and a half away and I was only ever able to go one time since I don’t drive, strangely quarantine allowed me to actually participate in one for the first time in ages. Lez Hang Out, one of the podcasts I try to actively listen to every week, hosted the live stream with guests from across the country. While I was not tuned in for the entire stream, what I did see was a delight and I hope that even if we aren’t in quarantine next Pride month that they host this even again. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Ending Pride with Some Recommendations from @kleffnotes”

Here TV Celebrates Pride Month Press Release from @kleffnotes

Los Angeles, CA. Here TV, America’s first and largest LGBTQ+ video channel, is celebrating Pride Month 2020 with an exclusive selection of LGBTQ+ programming, documentaries and films available at: Social justice is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and Here TV wants to … Continue reading Here TV Celebrates Pride Month Press Release from @kleffnotes

The Bi Line: Let Me Be Your Batwoman from @kleffnotes

Yes, you read that correctly, I want to be your Batwoman. As many people already know Ruby Rose has left Batwoman and it appeared  as though the plan was to replace Kate Kane/Batwoman. It has been noted that for this casting they do plan to cast someone from within the LGBTQ+ community. While recasting can be an issue for shows, I know I have personally been thrown by recastings, though they were all for shows in reruns. Childhood Katherine was very displeased when Bewitched on Nick at Nite replaced Darren, but that is a story for another day. After initially writing this article, these go up bi-weekly because I couldn’t resist tying the schedule to the title of the article series, it has been announced that Batwoman will no longer be Kate Kane, but more on that later.

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The Bi Line: Everything is Queer in Quarantine from @kleffnotes

At this point in quarantine everything I watch just ultimately becomes queer. Oh I know technically many of the shows I have watched are not actually queer, but I am making them what I want. This also might be because I may be indulging periodically in adult beverages and according to my wife when I drunk I just start insisting that any pairing that might be queer is queer. I may have yelled “just kiss already” at a number of people while we have been periodically delving deeply into Netflix. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Everything is Queer in Quarantine from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Reality Bi-tes from @kleffnotes

We have reached the point in quarantine in the Kleffner household where we just want to watch what many might call trashy tv. I am not adverse to reality tv shows, but previously have normally limited myself to watching ones that focused on cooking and for a while I was very dedicated to America’s Next Top Model reruns. Krista though was very involved with watching The Bachelor Nation collection of television series and slowly led me down the path of dating shows. I did watch a hunk of the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise, but while I said I would watch the new Bachelor we both decided we weren’t that into Pilot Pete’s season. Now in true random tv bingeing fashion we took to Netflix and fell very far down a rabbit hole of watch next suggestions. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Reality Bi-tes from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Trap Trope from @kleffnotes

Has anyone ever been in a relationship where your partner suddenly says hey, why don’t you try dating other people? I mean there could be relationships like that, do whatever makes you happy, but when this idea appears in the media I instantly get annoyed. I feel like it typically only happens in female/female relationships where one of the women has not dated any or as many women as her partner. I recently saw this in the now cancelled Almost Family and it has previously appeared in The Bold Type where women who recently came out or are coming to terms with their identities are told that they should consider seeing other people by their monogamous partner. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Trap Trope from @kleffnotes”

The Binge Watchers Guide: Doctor Who Book Review from @kleffnotes

Mackenzie Flohr celebrates the world of Doctor Who by showcasing the most recent Doctor as portrayed by Jodie Whittaker. For fans of the long running series, whether you are dedicated to old seasons or new seasons, this book is a sort of love letter to what makes the series so great. Flohr loves Doctor Who and her passion is what makes this book such a lovely read. Continue reading “The Binge Watchers Guide: Doctor Who Book Review from @kleffnotes”

The Bi Line: Love and Loss from @kleffnotes

When you are a woman who dates and ultimately marries another woman you are well aware of the drama that might befall your relationship. According to television and movies at any time one of us could be shot, unless we happen to be a bulletproof lesbian(this identifier only applies to my wife), as a bisexual I could suddenly realize I need to be with a man(Tina from The L World is a prime example), or both of us or at least one of us will ultimately cheat because we aren’t going to communicate our feelings and just decide sleeping with someone else is the best option available for us(see again The L Word because it happens a lot). What these representations don’t prepare you for are the actual things that could happen to you as a couple when you aren’t living in a soap opera style environment. Continue reading “The Bi Line: Love and Loss from @kleffnotes”