American Horror Stories Series Review from @kleffnotes

If you didn’t know I am a big fan of American Horror Story. I have watched every season, some more than once, though in recent years I have waited for the season to finish and then I’ll binge it. I was very curious when a new season that wasn’t exactly a season was announced. American Horror Stories is an anthology style series that just ended yesterday. I thought I would share my thoughts, especially since the new season is starting next week, which is solid set up for a season whose promos have yet to fully convince me of what the plot is.

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Chantelle: Psychic P.D – Night Division Revry Series Highlight from @kleffnotes

New to Revry.TV, Chantelle Psychic P.D- Night Division is a curious comedy revolving around the title series. This mockumentary style show combines clips of the show, behind the scenes moments, and cast interviews. While it feels like a truly pulled from the 80s program this recently made series is a perfect watch for British tv fans.

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Cruel Summer Thoughts So Far from @kleffnotes

When I was going through shows in my article yesterday I actually forgot a show that Krista and I had been watching. We took a little bit to get into this show, primarily because Krista prefers to watch anything that might include murder or elements of true crime when it is still light out. Unlike me she actually has dreams and if we watch something a bit eerie before bed she winds up having truly frightening dreams. Once we started Cruel Summer she though was hooked and asked me periodically if we have a new episode to catch up on.

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Girls5eva Show Review from @kleffnotes

I know there are about 4 billion streaming services on the planet now, but Peacock is one that I finally broke down and added to my existing streaming subscriptions. I had admittedly put it off for a bit because I am so behind on so many shows already, but Krista found a show and it was the only way to watch it. One of her favorite performers, both in singing and acting roles, is Sara Bareilles. We watched Little Voice because she was involved with the show and she is the reason I know the Waitress soundtrack and have seen it performed. When a friend mentioned Girls5eva we immediately had to find it.

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Starting Rebels and Star Wars Day Recap from @kleffnotes

May the 4th was Tuesday of this week and I am finally taking some time to write about our day. We spread the celebrating over two days with most of our watching happening on May 3rd, but we did still celebrate on May 4th. We bought things, we watched things, and we ate things all in a Star Wars theme.

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#ClexaCon Belated Panel Catchup from @kleffnotes

While yes, ClexaCon Virtual 2021 was last weekend I found myself having to play a lot of catch-up for coverage. When the convention has been in person I would typically live tweet panels and then just do a large wrap-up article when I returned from Las Vegas. This year was the first time I covered the convention virtually and I only had a chance to catch one panel on time. This weekend I planned to do a major watch session to get caught up. Now I did already do a write-up in detail of the panel I did attend so this article is more a synopsis of multiple panels I watched in a row. Check out my thoughts on a bit of ClexaCon weekend in case you weren’t able to tune in.

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86’d Series Highlight from @kleffnotes

86’d is a new Brooklyn-based comedy series that released this week. Alexandra Spieth, from [Blank] My Life, has crafted a new mini-series that blurs the lines between morality and what can benefit you personally. The six episode series has been released in full as of March 15th on BRIC TV and is a delightful watch.

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And Then We Screamed Gay Fred in Excitement from @kleffnotes

Krista has been introducing me to a number of legal shows and we recently got caught up on All Rise. Now we are stuck waiting for weekly episodes and this week a new episode dropped that did not disappoint. For those who don’t know, All Rise is a series focused primarily on Judge Lola Carmichael who has recently been made a judge in Los Angeles. In the second season they have had to adapt like most shows to Covid restrictions and the actor who plays Lola, Simone Missick is frequently shown through screens or away from the rest of the cast. This most recent episode is odd because she doesn’t appear at all. They don’t explain why, but since she is not present this allows for a focus on a different judge, Lisa Benner.

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