New Year’s Marathon Suggestions from @kleffnotes

With New Year’s Eve tomorrow a number of stations air all day marathons of a variety of series. I thought this year I would recommend some series that you can find on Netflix to binge as you get ready to ring in the New Year. Continue reading “New Year’s Marathon Suggestions from @kleffnotes”


Holiday Watching Suggestions on Netflix from @kleffnotes

Whether you are celebrating Christmas today or just looking to have a bit of festive fun I wanted to suggest some things to watch that aren’t your standard holiday watches. Grab some hot chocolate, curl up with a fuzzy blanket, and get settled in for some cozy watching of things that you can find on Netflix. Continue reading “Holiday Watching Suggestions on Netflix from @kleffnotes”

#Constantine Episode One Recap from @ImmieBroods

A man who tries to keep the balance in the mystical universe no matter what the price is. His tv show comes across as generic and leaves you with the feeling “that’s been done before,” but it’s actually the other way around. John Constantine’s character has been used in other shows. Most notably, Supernatural. He’s got Sam’s knowledge of the occult, Dean’s attitude and dresses like Castiel. This is my review of the television show Constantine, the Hellblazer as he’s called in the comics. Continue reading “#Constantine Episode One Recap from @ImmieBroods”