Chantelle: Psychic P.D – Night Division Revry Series Highlight from @kleffnotes

New to Revry.TV, Chantelle Psychic P.D- Night Division is a curious comedy revolving around the title series. This mockumentary style show combines clips of the show, behind the scenes moments, and cast interviews. While it feels like a truly pulled from the 80s program this recently made series is a perfect watch for British tv fans.

The show, Chantelle: Psychic P.D- Night Division, focuses on ex-lady of the night now East-London psychic detective Chantelle Goodbody. Using her sensual psychic touch she is able to gain information from the dead at crime scenes. She may not follow procedure, but she gets results from just the slightest touch. In the series we watch as the actor who played Chantelle, discusses her time on the show as well as her relationship to the series creator and her co-star. The two experienced a real life breakup over the course of the series and we see their dynamic then and now. Flipping between clips of the series and the documentary footage you will feel like you are truly watching a documentary about this odd series.

I thought the entire show was hilarious and had such a great time watching Stacey Norris, David Ellis, and Saul Marron. The plot of the show they are examining is so bizarre, but truly just so funny that the elements tied in through the documentary just add to the delight. I would strongly recommend this for fans of mocumentaries and British crime procedurals. You can find the entire series on Revry.TV today.

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