West Cork @audible_com Original Series Review from @kleffnotes

As a true crime fanatic I was exceptionally excited to learn about Audible’s original series West Cork. This documentary style series examines the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier in the small Irish town of Schull in West Cork. Throughout the 13 episodes listeners are provided with not just information about the case itself, but also a detailed analysis of how such an unexpected event changed the people and the perceptions of the town of Schull itself through the work of investigative journalist Sam Bungey and documentarian Jennifer Forde. Continue reading “West Cork @audible_com Original Series Review from @kleffnotes”


Fangirl Freakouts: Happy Wife, Happy Life ( @tellofilms ) from @kleffnotes

The first Fangirl Freakouts filmed after my haircut, do not ask why I kept saying after ClexaCon. I had the pleasure of seeing Bridget McManus perform at Ships and Giggles, the comedy show at the convention, and I decided to check out her series with her wife, Karman, and another married couple Kristen Smith and Cat Davis. They might not be experts, but they have great tips! Find out my thoughts on the series, which you can watch on tellofilms and YouTube. Continue reading “Fangirl Freakouts: Happy Wife, Happy Life ( @tellofilms ) from @kleffnotes”

ClexaCon Interview with @DanaPiccoli from @kleffnotes ( @ClexaCon )

Dana Piccoli is a writer, podcaster, editor, and exceptional moderator who made each of her panels at ClexaCon something special. After ClexaCon wound to an end this year I got a chance to ask the fabulous Fairy Gaymother a little about herself and how her time was at the convention. Thank you again to Dana for agreeing to this interview and it was a pleasure to meet you in Las Vegas. Continue reading “ClexaCon Interview with @DanaPiccoli from @kleffnotes ( @ClexaCon )”

Bash Bash Revolution Book Review from @kleffnotes

Philip K. Dick award nominee, Douglas Lain examines how the world could change with the growth of AI in his novel Bash Bash Revolution. This story follows Matthew Munson, a seventeen year old high school dropout, who is trying to explain to whoever is reading his social media posts how everything changed possibly all because of his father. This surprisingly frightening work forces reader to see just how easily technology could change everything they’ve ever known. Continue reading “Bash Bash Revolution Book Review from @kleffnotes”