Up Movie Review from @KellySue3000

Hello and thank you for reading my inaugural post. My name is Kelly Sue and this week I will be reviewing one of my all time favorite movies, Up (2009). Everyone loves a good Pixar movie, right? This one does not disap-POINT. Continue reading “Up Movie Review from @KellySue3000”


The Tokyo 5 Part 1 Comic Book Review from @kleffnotes

In this science fiction manga collaboration between Australian comic book writer Andrew Archer and Philippines based artist NICE, we are introduced to five young women who have found themselves completely changed by something that happened to them as children. The Tokyo 5 examines genetic mutation and what can happen when forces outside of this world decide to change humankind. Through this first volume Archer reveals a secret battle taking place beneath the surface of Japan that has been shrouded in mystery for years. Continue reading “The Tokyo 5 Part 1 Comic Book Review from @kleffnotes”