The Kidult Handbook Book Review from @kleffnotes

Do you ever just need time to relax and can’t exactly figure out just what to do to de-stress? Nicole Booz shares 160 ways to embrace your inner child and let your adult worries drift away in her book The Kidult Handbook. There are activities and suggestions for everyone that span from physical activities like hiking to more relaxing moments like building a pillow fort. You can find the perfect activity to help you relax just by flipping through this fun read. Continue reading “The Kidult Handbook Book Review from @kleffnotes”


Smoketown Book Review ( @blindeyebooks ) from @kleffnotes

Leiodare has been forever changed by a disease that has led them to ban all birds for fear of the return of a deadly virus. Within the post-apocalyptic world of Smoketown, Anna Armour is searching for a woman she loves and has a deep connection to, but something strange begins to happen. Ever since she was a child Anna has had special artistic skills and suddenly they seem to have returned with tremendous intensity. Continue reading “Smoketown Book Review ( @blindeyebooks ) from @kleffnotes”

Lies You Never Told Me Book Review from @kleffnotes

High school can be full of changes and uncertainty, but for Gabe and Elyse there is so much more than just your standard drama in store. In Lies You Never Told Me readers experience the lives of these two teenagers told in two different perspectives. You will find yourself sucked into the stories unfolding before you in these perfectly interlocking stories. Continue reading “Lies You Never Told Me Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Fandom to Fantasy Vol. 1 Book Review ( @SapphireBooks ) from @kleffnotes

Fandom to Fantasy Vol. 1 from Sapphire Books was created in partnership with ClexaCon, who helped with their call for submissions and hosted a release party at this year’s convention. In this anthology the writers all share romantic stories focused on connections made either at convention or through fandoms. No matter what fandom you are a part of there is a story for you within this book. Continue reading “Fandom to Fantasy Vol. 1 Book Review ( @SapphireBooks ) from @kleffnotes”

Chasing Stars Book Review ( @YlvaPublishing) from @kleffnotes

Ava Eisenberg spends her days working as an assistant to the fabulous movie star Gwen Knight, but when she isn’t on set Ava flies through the skies as Swiftwing. After being part of a world changing spaceship crash Ava has lived on Earth as a disguised alien and uses her powers to help save people. Her desire to help leads her to make a decision that just might change her entire life in Alex K. Thorne’s Chasing Stars. Continue reading “Chasing Stars Book Review ( @YlvaPublishing) from @kleffnotes”

Bitterroot Queen Book Review ( @DirtRoadBooks ) from @kleffnotes

Jove Belle transports you to the small town of Bitterroot, Idaho in Bitterroot Queen. This romantic novel introduces two women who are at very different points in their lives. Sam has just uprooted her entire life, included a fifteen year old daughter, from Las Vegas to start a new life in Bitterroot. With high hopes she’s purchased a hotel, but even with all of her planning, she is shocked when she finds the property trashed. At the same time Sam is arriving in town wanderer Ollie has just pulled in looking for some temporary work and a brief respite from the road. As the two spend more time in Bitterroot new found feelings emerge and neither woman is fully prepared for what lies ahead. Continue reading “Bitterroot Queen Book Review ( @DirtRoadBooks ) from @kleffnotes”